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Release Notes

Note: Keep in mind that not all features mentioned in the release notes may be available to you depending on your product selection, license agreement and service level. These notes include all updates / improvements across all products that utilize the "client45" platform including those features available only through optional and/or add-on products.


January 2018

Mass Change Copy

Introducing the ability to make "mass changes" in Copy (List) window.

Right clicking on a highlighted group of copy will bring up the Context menu:


The Change menu item will open the Mass Change window:


Where you can mass change the End Date/TFN and the Status of all copy highlighted.

  • Added
    • Mass Change to Copy feature.
    • The Inventory report will now store the column layout information on a per-clock selection basis.
    • It is now possible to create a Report_Templates template using the Copy report.
    • To help everyone continue more smoothly through the Marketron acquisition, the official support number is now located front and center on the Dashboard in the lower right hand corner (near the version number). Additionally, the phone number will be in regular (normal) text during official support hours (6a to 6p MST/MDT) and faded text during off hours; this check is done using your computers currently selected time zone settings. As a note, please be sure to listen to the prompts closely in an effort to properly route your call. I would be remise if I didn't remind you that you can skip the multiple layers of the voice prompts if you leverage the SendSmile or SendFrown to initiate the conversation. ;-)
    • The Adjustment report now includes an optional Invoice Date column.
    • It is now possible to "mass" modify fields across multiple selected pieces of Copy such as voice (if available), end date, status, etc.
  • Modified
    • Fix: It appears that the "0"/"Ins" key on the "10-key" portion of the keyboard has an issue where when used as 10-key input on the Copy window to utilize the "locate a data row by typing the initial characters of the values" capabilities pressing this key will still attempt to recognize the key as the "Ins" instead of the "0" value as expected regardless of the "Num Lock" state. (forum)
    • Improve: The Copy window has been modified so that when creating new Copy the field that contains focus is determined by whether or not the cart # is automatically generated. If automatically generated (populated), the Name field will be set as the focused field. If no cart # was automatically determined, the Cart # field will be set as the focused field.
    • Fix: When duplicating a canceled contract, when attempting to modify any line item you are prompted if you want to cancel any changes; meaning it appears you can modify but aren't able to actually modify.
    • Fix: When creating a new Rotation, "stations" containing square brackets are incorrectly being made available in the available Stations field.
    • "Open Contract" (Contracts, AR) is very different than "View Contract" (Log); as such, the intent in the Log is to be able to view but not modify a Contract as this (currently) causes significant issues.
    • Improve: When adding a new Program or Log Note in the Template window, the available items in the tree will now update to reflect any changes made in the Program and/or Log Note list editors (windows).
    • Fix: The list of Reports under the Inventory section includes "stations" that are wrapped in with brackets; these are "non spot" stations, so they shouldn't be in the list as there aren't any spots to be reported.
    • Improve: The Payment and Aged Collections reports has been modified so the invoice date presented is based on whether or not the Enforce Billing Cycle Boundary option.
    • Improve: The Payment and Aged Collections reports now display Affidavit # and/or Affidavit Date if the Public_Radio add-on is active.
    • Improve: If you attempt to open a Log for a newly created Station and the logs haven't been initialized; the open log process will automatically generate the logs as well as any needed (missing) log components necessary to utilize a log.
    • Fix: The recent addition of the Revenue Projection (12 Mo Net) report doesn't work 100% with the Report_Templates add-on; it allows the creation of the template, but fails to load the template for this type of report.
    • Fix: Adding the N$ Total and/or NX$ Total columns to the Revenue Projection (12 Mo Net) report causes the software to crash.
    • Fix: Adding the G$ Total and/or GX$ Total columns to the Revenue Projection (12 Mo Gross) report causes the software to crash.
    • Fix: The Reverse tool under the File menu of the Log window conflicts with the accessor key (R) with the Begin/Commit Reconciliation tool; as such, it has been removed.
    • Fix: When Trashing a payment/adjustment in AR, the Add Payment and Add Adjustment buttons disappear until either switching to another customer or using the Refresh tool.
    • Fix: The transaction type field is available and shouldn't be for existing Debit Adjustments.
    • Fix: When archiving a contract, the status incorrectly displays trashing.
    • Improve: The customer tab on Reports have been enhanced in the following ways:
      • No longer includes Trashed customers.
      • Now display (Trashed) or (Archived) as appropriate.
    • Improve: The Copy window has been modified to no longer include trashed customers when creating a new piece of Copy.
    • Improve: The AR, Payment, Adjustment, Billing and Reports windows with regards to the sales person lists have been improved by removing the trashed entries from the list.
    • Fix: The Ticket "lock/unlock" process are incorrectly checking for the type of exception(s) that could occur and end up crashing the system instead of gracefully being able to recover/continue.
    • Fix: Changing the email address of a User after one already exists results in a database error being presented.
    • Fix: The Notes value of an Agency doesn't appear to be saving.
  • Exceptions
    • ServiceModel.FaultException in Billing.ProcessButton_Click(): If the server experiences a temporary service delay/disruption at the same time the process button is clicked on the billing window when attempting to process EDI, this exception can occur causing the application to exit. This is resolved by providing a retry/cancel prompt so that the action can be gracefully attempted again.



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