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Report: Revenue Projection (Accrual)

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Report: Revenue Projection (Accrual)

Similar to the Revenue Projection report except the amounts shown are the overlap between the broadcast month of the calendar month.

This report is launched from the Reports window.


Main Menu

  • File
    • Save As
      Using the existing report as a base, you can use MyViews to build a template of a report that you can save as a newly named report.
    • Print
      Prints the report as currently viewed.
    • Print Preview
      Print previews the report as currently viewed.
    • Export
      Exports the report as currently viewed.
    • Close
      Closes the window.
  • View
    • Refresh
      Refreshes the data for the report.
    • Reset
      Resets the layout of the report back to "factory original".
  • Options
    • Insert Page Breaks
      When printing, it is possible to automatically insert a page break (new page) for every primary group of the report.



  • Period
    • Today
      By default, the report will be run using todays date.
    • Custom
      You can run this report for any date, past or future.


Simple Filters

To make it easy to quickly filter the information on a report, you can use the simple filters available on the right hand region of the screen organized on separate tabs.

  • Revenue
  • Sales People
    The Salespeople list contains all the Salespeople who are currently active. Additionally, an entry for None is included to handle circumstances where appropriate.
  • Customers
    The Customer filter contains all of the Customers that are active.
  • Stations
    The Stations filter contains all of the Stations configured in your database. Additionally, a Station of None is included to handle circumstances where the Station is blank or missing.

If you right click on any of these filters, the context menu associated provides several tools to quickly select (or not) the items you wish. All lists contain the following tools:

  • Check all
    Places a check mark next to all entries.
  • Uncheck all
    Removes the check mark next to all entries.
  • Toggle all
    Toggles the check mark next to all entries; those that are checked will now be unchecked and those that were unchecked will now be checked.

The RevenueType list includes a "Uncheck Trade" tool that can be used to filter out all RevenueTypes that are flagged as being trade. See RevenueType.


Main Body

In order to provide the greatest amount of flexibility in the columns available balanced with minimizing the printed size (width) of the column, several columns are using a shorthand notation:

  • G - Gross.
  • N - Net.
  • E - Effective.
  • U - Units (spots).
  • X - Canceled/Trashed.
  • # - Count.
  • $ - Amount (money).

The gross (G) number represents the gross number as entered on the Contract before any cancelations.

The net (N) numbers represents the net amount as entered on the Contract before any cancelations.

The canceled/trashed (X) numbers correspond to the activity on a Contract where either spots were canceled/trashed (ie. MakeGoods) and/or the overall Contract was canceled/trashed.

The effective (E) numbers represent the result of the gross (G) or net (N) number minus the canceled/trashed (X) number. In other words, the overall current state of the Contract and what will be the result assuming no further additions/cancelations.


Standard Columns


Additional Columns

  • Agency - See Agency.
  • Avail Type - See AvailType.
  • Billing Type - See BillingCycle.
  • Contract # - Contract number.
  • Contract/Line # - Contract number and line.
  • G$ MM'YY - Gross Amount Month and Year.
  • G$ Total - Gross Total.
  • GE$ Total - Gross Effective Total.
  • GX$ MM'YY - Gross Canceled/Trashed Amount Month and Year.
  • GX$ Total - Gross Canceled/Trashed Amount Total.
  • N$ MM'YY - Net Amount Month and Year.
  • N$ Total - Net Total.
  • NE$ MM'YY - Net Effective Month and Year.
  • NE$ Total - Net Effective Total.
  • NX$ MM'YY - Net Canceled/Trashed Amount Month and Year.
  • NX$ Total - Net Canceled/Trashed Amount Total.
  • Postal - See Customer.
  • Primary Conflict - See Conflict.
  • Product - See Contract.
  • Revenue Source - See RevenueSource.
  • Revenue Type - See RevenueType.
  • Sales % - See Contract.
  • Secondary Conflict - See Conflict.
  • State - See Customer.
  • U# MM'YY - Unit Count Month and Year.
  • U# Total - Unit Count Total.
  • UX# MM'YY - Unit Canceled/Trashed Count Month and Year.
  • UX# Total - Unit Canceled/Trashed Count Total.

The Total columns will automatically added up the displayed column (of like type). If none of these columns are displayed, the Total column will display zero.

This window is MyViews enabled.


Additional Information