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From the desk of Cory Smith

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Coming Soon




This is where we detail the features and capabilities we are actively working on.



Please understand that this page contains WORK IN PROGRESS information; as such, some of the information this page may be adjusted, changed and out right removed without notice.


Pending Release



Near Future

The following items are features and capabilities that we are going to be actively working on A.S.A.P. for inclusion in an upcoming update.

  • Would love to have estimate # as one of the columns to add to the bump list in the log editor. When you have multiple estimate numbers running and are dealing with separation requirements, it would help to see those without having to rely on contract numbers.
  • Would like to be able to "delete" Revenue Sources that we are no longer using.
  • Would love to have the ability to "duplicate" an existing rotation (instructions) across multiple (one or more) stations instead of having to duplicate and change each time for every target station. (forum)
  • It would be nice to have an option to choose the way our Statements format the aging information; would like to see "by month" (instead of 30/60/90/etc.). (forum)


Far(ther) Future

The following list are areas that we are interested in working on; however, they are "further down the road".

  • Add "Credit Worthiness" information tab to Contracts. (forum)
  • Integrate with Marketron Network Connect.
  • Integrate with Marketron PayNow. (forum)
  • Integrate with Marketron Exchange.
  • Add "DocumentStore" - the capability to "file" externally created (electronic) documents directly within RT; possibly by integrating with one or more of the many cloud based file sharing services.
  • Modify Statements so that the automatic selection is based on "recent activity" instead of current "balance". (forum)
  • I would love to be able to print the Billing/Tools/Print Statements window. This screen has a great deal of information. (forum)
  • I would also like to be able to print the information in the Billing/Open tab. (forum)
  • There are times when editing a log that it would be extremely convenient to have access to any and all spots that could have targetted this log that have been trashed along with the ability to resurrect. (forum)