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If you are inconvenienced in any way due to the often updates associated with being on the private release, please remember that we do have the public release option that is updated "once it is ready". The private release, to clarify, is the internal version used for testing and support purposes by RadioTraffic staff and represents a preview of the work-in-progress that will become the next public release. If interested in transitioning to the public release, please contact customer service and they can assist you in the process.


Software Updates


  • Added support for Jazler Radio Star 2 automation system.
  • Added support for Playbox Technology Air Box automation system.
  • Modified reports so that dates prior to the year 1793 are not allowed.
  • Maintenance release.

If you get a message stating unable to retrieve/commit information, this means that the process took longer than expected. This could indeed be because of a connection issue; however, please try the retry button. If after several tries you still get the same message, please verify your internet connection. If internet connection is fine, please let us know where you are encounter this message. The more information you can provide, the faster we can respond with an update to fine tune the expected duration. Please be as specific as you can. When pressing cancel, the expectation is that the process is to continue gracefully considering no data was retrieved/saved.



We've put together a video that illustrates the Automatic Summarization feature being demonstrated using the Revenue Projection Detail report as an example. The feature is available on nearly every report. Please set aside two minutes to watch the video so you can start leveraging this feature. Watch...



Some of the mentioned items will only be available as optional features (or enhancements to) and are available to customers who have and are current with their monthly service agreement. Some entries are currently available to customers that have opted-in to our beta testing program. If you have any questions, please feel free to follow up with customer service or your sales representative.


Prior Changes


  • Corrected issue with regards to how dates are modified on order line items when the start date is edited to a date less than 18 months before the currently entered end date.
  • Corrected issue with Canadian addresses.
  • Internal update.


  • Added ability to specify the type of country which will determine how addresses are handled. Current values include United States of America, Canada and Other.


  • Enhanced address handling for Dubai customers.


  • Modified invoices to accomidate machines using a non-US date format.
  • Enhanced address handling for Canada on the customer dialog.
  • Corrected an issue that exists when you log off and under certain circumstances the account was not completely cleared.


  • Modified how/when the log as-play "raw file" is determined so the menu item to view the "raw file" is visible under more circumstances.
  • The "category" field (Copy) is now only visible (and usable) if the automation export configured requires the usage of a category.
  • Modified NexGen automation export to support 4 (Prophet NexGen), 6 (RCS NexGen) or 8 (RCS NexGen (Alternate)) digit numeric cart numbers. NexGen customers, please update your NexGen configuration accordingly. (Please contact support directly for further details if you are using NexGen and need any assistance.)
  • In order to make "Super Admin" capabilities more accessible, the capabilities are now only available if there is a single, active "Group Administrator". If more than one active group administrator exists, the additional capabilities are unavailable, even if enabled under options.
  • Enhanced the template editor's avail editing to reflect more clearly what values are legal (start time, length, units and priority).
  • Modified the Top 10 Sales People and Top 10 Users charts so that they now display full names leveraging the charts new adaptive label layout added a few revisions ago.
  • Reorganizing some options, so if you notice anything unusual, please review your option under the Administration->Group->Options tab.
  • Enhanced the BSI Simian export to support the ! character for automation commands.
  • Enhanced the dashboard to reduce some of the noise in the graphs. To see the individual numbers, you can hover (with the mouse) over each section to see the details.
  • Added support for exporting logs to RCS Linker (NexGen).
  • Corrected an issue where the *reverse* invoiced log feature was not being made visible for non-Group Administrator accounts even though the option was enabled to allow Traffic Managers and/or Administrators to do so.
  • Enhanced WideOrbit automation export to support their recently added alpha-numeric cart number support. (No configuration change required.) Additionally, the WideOrbit export now includes support for exporting log notes.
  • Modified automatic log reconciliation to review the aired log regarding cart number pattern and length; if cart numbers are a consistent length on all lines, the import process will automatically pad cart numbers on the RT log with zeros in order to more accurately match what comes back from an automation system.

1302 - 1311

  • Added F1 (help) all screens to provide context aware access to online documentation.
  • Added a new Traffic Assistant role that, currently, has same permissions as Traffic Manager with regards to the Orders, Logs and Reports; and no access to A/R.
  • Added support for AudioVault Flex automation system.
  • Added support for On Air Wave Traffic Control automation system.
  • Added ability to right click (context menu) on group/station logo to provide additional capabilites such as remove.
  • Modified how invoices are emailed, or rather determined to be emailed, so that the finalizing an invoice using the context menu in A/R works exactly the same as finalizing invoices in the pending invoices window. Under some conditions, invoices were being emailed (agency) when right clicking and finalizing an invoice.

1282 - 1301

  • Modified Inventory report so only those clocks configured for coverage across a 24 hour window are allowed to be selected; if none of the configured clocks qualify, a 24 hour clock will be created for the purposes of the report.
  • Modified Inventory report in an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes to reconfigure the report; for example, the logs/spots are cached more aggressively upon initial opening of the report.
  • Enhanced the Inventory report with a couple of options that modify how bumped spots are merged into the dayparts; these options are currently being beta tested.
  • Modified behavior of the Inventory report so that after the initial load of the report using the default values, any changes to any values requires that the report be manually reloaded by clicking on the reload panel above the report. The report is also cleared of information upon any changes being made. This provides the ability to make multiple changes before manually reloading the report information.


  • Added support for Pristine RapidFire log export.

1278, 1279

  • Added support for SMARTS Skylla automatic log reconciliation.

1264 ... 1277

  • Added support for WireReady W32 automatic log reconciliation.
  • Added CBSI as a log export target.
  • Added Digital Universe as a log export target.

1257 ... 1263

  • Modified printed order confirmations so that when using TAP that the plan name is printed instead of the term TAP.
  • Added ability to enable/disable the ability for sales people to add/modify copy.

1253 ... 1256

  • Refreshed version to sync with public release.

1249 ... 1252

  • Modified projections to calculate out to 4 decimal places in order to reduce the possibility of a rounding difference between projections and actuals.
  • Modified automatic reconciliation so that, for any systems that have a cart number prefix, will attempt to match the cart number prefix using a case-insensitive match.
  • Modified the BSI Simian / WaveStation automation system interface (export) based on customer feedback. If using BSI Simian / WaveStation, please review your log export accordingly.
  • Enhanced the assign copy window so that the time fields support the + and - characters.
  • Changed "Rotation" to "Automatic" on order entry line items to better reflect that the cart number will be automatically determined using the rotation(s) associated with the order.

1247, 1248

  • Modified the Billing History report to exclude debit adjustments.
  • Modified the Customers report regarding how the last payment date/amount is determined to improve overall accuracy.

1240 ... 1246

  • Modified the Customer report so that the physical address fields are duplicated for the billing street, city, state and postal columns if the billing address is "same as physical".
  • Modified so that an inactive user with a sales commission no longer shows in the sales person selection when creating a new order.

1235 ... 1239

  • Modified order confirmations so that the comment field is no longer "unlimited" in size; it will only display the first part of the comment based on the columns space that is available on the document.
  • Added an option that allows the group administrator to extend the ability to reverse reconciled logs to administrators and traffic managers.

1232 ... 1234

  • Added support for WireReady; DOS and WR32 automation systems.

1229 ... 1231

  • Added Invoice Date as an optional column to the Payment Detail report.
  • Added Purchase Order # and Estimate # as optional columns to the Invoice Detail report.
  • Modified the log editor so that the spot helper, when disabled, will also no longer be displayed for the bump or make good list.
  • Added Sep Type and Sep Amt optional columns to the Bump list on the Log editor; these columns display the separation type and amount for the customer that the spot belongs to.


  • Modified the RCS (and Prophet) NexGen log export so that the station identifier is now at the beginning of the file name and changed the extention to .trf based on multiple customers providing feedback that it would be easier to have NexGen automatically import the file if it was formatted in this manner.

1225 ... 1227

  • Modified the "no copy warning" so that it only shows for logs that are not locked.
  • Modified confirmation, invoice and statement footers to support a little more text.
  • Based on feedback, modified the Smartscaster log export.

1222 ... 1224

  • Added tape code and length to the after aired report.
  • Added support for Smartscaster automatic log reconcilation.
  • Modified the Smartscaster export so that it will automagically merge back-to-back breaks in order to fit scheduling within the severe limitations of that automation system. Additionally, the log export will notify you if you have too many breaks/spots to fit within these limitations.

1218 ... 1221

  • Modified EDI export (manual) so that the filename will include the agency name in addition to customer name and invoice number.
  • Modified EDI export (manual) so that the option to export is available regardless of customer agency setting; instead uses agency attached to the invoice to determine availability.
  • Added ability to refresh the A/R window using the F5 key or the View->Refresh menu.
  • Modified the A/R window so the sections on the statement tab will resize more gracefully.

1216, 1217

  • Modified statement printing to handle a PDF export bug regarding the group logo.

1212 ... 1215

  • Modified saving of a format so the format day is determined by the date instead of having to essentially select it in two differen fields.
  • Removed the co-Op for field on the copy window since it is currently not being used.
  • Added Aging column to the A/R windows customer list that calculates the average number of days it takes to pay invoices.
  • Modified the changing of options so that they take effect immediately (no restart necessary) for the group administratore making the changes. All other accounts need to exit and restart for changes to take affect.
  • Modified order confirmation document so that the left hand margin is slightly shifted to the right.
  • Added support for RCS Nexgen automatic log reconcilation.


  • Modified debit adjustments so that the revenue source/type, station and sales person section are labeled as "Accounting..." to better reflect their purpose.
  • Modified debit adjustments so that the station is now a required field.
  • Added Agency as an optional column to the Pending Invoices window.

1209, 1210

  • Added ability to enable several options via the Administration->Group->Options tab; please review these options for your particular station’s needs.
  • Modified discount % on order entry so that the decimal position is more consistent with other percentage entries.
  • Modified discount % on invoices so that the decimal position is more consistent with other percentage entries.
  • Enhanced "fixing order" so that the invoice change warning is only presented the order has any related invoices.
  • Modified agency commission so that percentage of a percentage is now supported end-to-end across customers, orders and invoices.
  • Modified sales commission so that percentage of a percentage is now supported end-to-end across customers, orders and invoices.
  • Added Target Date as an additional optional column to the enhanced version of the Bump report.
  • Modified so that if a log on fails due to network loss; it is handled more gracefully by returning to the log on prompt.
  • Modified log editor by removing the "yellow bar" which was not really used for any purpose.
  • Modified log editor so that, in the event there is missing copy, a much more noticeable message is visible on the screen.
  • Packaged the "Fill" list on the log editor as a module so that it can be completely disabled.
  • Fixed issue where the Inactive option was incorrectly being made available on customers who currently have a balance.
  • Added a Notes field to the Agency window.
  • NOTICE!!!!! If you have been beta testing features, you will need to enable them by going into Administration->Group->Options in order to continue testing them as they are disabled by default.

1206 ... 1208

  • Modified order entry so that new or changed orders are no longer "automatically approved" when pressing the OK button. Use the Tools->Approve All to approve before saving if you want the order to be approved upon pressing the OK button.
  • The order entry window (and associated child windows) now supports a composite permission model that will enable all options across multiple roles.
  • Modified multiple statement print tool so that zero dollar statements are now no longer filtered if selected to print.
  • Modified EDI export so that the words "NOT AVAILABLE" are entered as the "CopyID" (TapeCode) if tape code is not provided.
  • Modified off air revenue dialog so that the rate limits the number of digits to no more than 18.
  • Modified order line item (spots) so that a particular scenario allowing for an invalid schedule is handled more gracefully.

1204, 1205

  • Added support for BSI WaveStation automatic log reconcilation.
  • Fixed display issue with spot count / total amount on the order line item dialog.
  • Fixed issue where order window was incorrectly showing the Correction Mode menu when launched from the log.
  • Fixed issue related to duplicating copy and it not saving the associated script.

1202, 1203

  • Modified how initial formats are saved.
  • Corrected an issue on some lists where the OK/Cancel buttons were not moving correctly when window is resized.


  • Modified the Customers report so that the regular address is copied into the billing address if no billing address is defined.
  • Modified the order window so that changes to the items rates will prompt regarding changing of invoices.


  • Corrected an issue preventing OMT MediaTouch automatic log reconciliation from completing.

1194, 1195, 1196

  • Added initial support for RCS MasterControl automatic reconcilation.
  • Added a Spot Count column to the Invoice Detail and Billing History reports.
  • Added a Product column to the Invalid Order/Rotation/Copy report.
  • Modified the A/R window so that the columns are remembered between application runs.
  • Corrected an issue where the Print Statements window was not showing a value in the optional Revenue Source column.
  • Modified invoices so that the Tax (total) now displays the configured tax name instead of the word Tax.
  • Moved the Tax field on the Customer screen since to the Scheduling tab since the value controls how an Order determines the default.
  • Repositioned the Tax field on the Order screen to accomidate for additional options (future).

1191, 1192, 1193

  • Modified Pending Orders so that the Station Name column now shows a list of stations if more than a single station on the order.
  • Modified Transaction screen to read the Product and/or Comment using the Direct-Invoice feature.
  • Added UDS as a supported automation system.
  • Added Darts (Compatible) as a supported log export. Note: Choosing this option will not allow for the automatic reconcilation feature; however, is being included to ease switching to RT from DARTS.


  • Modified agency list so that traffic managers can now add a new agency.
  • Enhanced the log editor's spot helper popup so that the other times time list is now sorted by time.


  • Added month, day, year and monthname tokens to invoice certified and notary text customizers.


  • Modified inventory report so that the log date is converted to a date and ordered appropriately.
  • Modified log editor so that opening Tools->Options on a "locked" log no longer causes an error when closing the options window.
  • Modified A/R so that the Apply Payment / Adjustment button now displays the word Modify instead of Apply on any payment / adjustment that is already applied.


  • Added ability to define Business Number (required in Canada) and have this number included on invoices.


  • Modified launching of the statement window so that more details are provided while collecting data.
  • Modified so that more descriptive error is presented, with retry, when settings folder is not available and needs to be created.
  • Modified inventory report so that the results are sorted by spot type *and* log date.
  • Modified log closing so that in the case when someone else forcefully takes control of the log you are working with is more gracefully handled.
  • Enhanced the log editor so that the order line item comment is now available on the bump and make good lists as an additional choose-able column. Additionally, the Log Summary also includes this new column.
  • Enhanced the log editor so that the bump and make good lists can now display the Cart #, Copy Name and/or Tape Code columns. These columns will normally be blank. For specifics, please contact customer service for more information.


  • Modified the copy reassignment window in the log editor (reconciliation) so that only 'active' copy is listed. Also added Station, Start Date and End Date as optional columns. Removed the Length column since it is meaninless in this context.
  • Modified copy selection on invoices to only include copy that is 'active'.
  • Added Comment as an optional column to the customers order list in the Orders window.
  • Added customer name and order / order line number information to the printed version of the spot placement summary.


  • Modified template printing so that the length prints in mm:ss format instead of number of seconds.
  • Modified renaming of items using the treeview in the template editor so that only the first 80 characters are recognized.


  • Significant performance improvements made specifically in the local processing of reports (the number crunching after getting the raw data). If you have a multiple core machine, this processing can now take advantage of these additional processors.
  • Added "The net printer is unavailable." message handling to document printing.


  • Fixed issue with printing templates introduced due the removal of a very old, incomplete and obsolete beta feature.


  • Marks the switch over to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 system components.

1178, 1179, 1180

  • Beta refresh.


  • Replaced the Billing History report; added a ton of choosable columns and removed the "options" on the general tab as these are handled through the column chooser.
  • Added an Agency column to the Payment Detail report.
  • Added Agency, Billing Cycle, Invoice #, Order #, Postal and State columns to the billing history report.
  • Modified the dashboard measures to include the vs. for all measures.
  • Modified the dashboard measures so that the Billing is no longer includes debit adjustments.
  • Modified log export for all automation systems so that log notes can be "internal" by place an exclamation point as the first character of the description.
  • Modified (current version) statements so that zero dollar invoices beyond the pivot date are automatically filtered.
  • Modified goal report so that changing the date no longer resets the report layout.
  • Added an Agency Comm % column to Pending Invoices window.
  • Added an Projected column to Pending Invoices window that will show the "projected billing" amount related to the order. (NOTE: Consider this feature experimental.)


  • Enhanced the SS32 log export so that Log Notes are now exported as "comments".


  • Enhanced AV-Sat export by adding a new "export-control" automation command that allows the merging of format fixed audio events with the following breaks in order to create a cohesive "break" in the export and the resulting playback in the automation system. To read more, review the documentation related to AV-Sat in our user manual.


  • Modified order confirmation printing to accomidate 3 digit line numbers (more than 99).
  • Increased the number of characters allowed for customer and agency email addresses.
  • Significantly modified how spot count is calculated (on screen) when entering an order line item in order to improve performance when working with a long running order.


  • Added Agency name, Order #, Primary and Secondary Conflict column to the Invoice Detail report.


  • Modified list editors/viewers so that exporting of documents will allow for a retry/cancel whenever trying to save over a file that is in use.
  • Modified customer editor so that a blank customer separation value is handled more gracefully.


  • Even more changes to gracefully handle printing of "blank" scripts when printing CoOp invoices.


  • Modified Orders window Customers Context Menu New Item so that the Sales Manager role can create a new customer.
  • Modified A/R window Customers Context Menu New Item so that the Sales Manager role can create a new customer.
  • Added option to enable the Sales role the ability to create a new customer in the using the Context Menu on the Customers list in the Orders and A/R windows.
  • Added option to enable the ability for members of the Sales roles to modify their customers information.
  • Made a few cosmetic changes to the Station configuration window on the Scheduling tab.
  • Modified invoice printing so that "blank" scripts are accomidated for when attempting to prevent "run on" scripts printing too many pages.


  • Modified searching for an invoice so that if an exact match is found, it is automatically set to focused in the transaction list.
  • Modified invoice printed scripts to gracefully handle a negative overage when determining flat rate billing.
  • Modified invoice printed scripts to gracefully handle extraneous carriage returns in the script so that an "extra page" is not printed.
  • Modified orders window so that the "new" context menu item for customers acts the same as the "new" customer context menu item in the A/R window.


  • Modified Wide Orbit automatic reconcilation to gracefully handle a numeric value that is out of range included in the automatic reconcilation column.


  • Added <printeddate> as a valid token for use with invoice certification and notorization text. It uses todays date whenever the invoice is printed/exported.


  • Enhanced the log editor to support dragging spots to the invalid copy list from the log so that it automatically places the dragged spot into the correct list (bump, makegood, fill).


  • Added support for Maestro automatic reconcilation.


  • Modified email of invoice so that if agency on the invoice, only checks to see if an agency email exists and if agency is not on an invoice, only check to see if the customer email exists.
  • Modified email of invoice to handle an issue where a sales persons email address is unavailable.


  • Modified printing of coop scripts to take into account "no script" when attempting to split "really long scripts" across multiple pages.


  • Modified the Goal report so that, if no orders exist for a sales person/station, the information regarding the goals are still included. However, this information, since there aren't any related orders, does not have any "additional details" available and will be grouped together accordingly under the "blank" sections if grouping by these "additional details" columns.


  • Modified A/R so that right click menu provides for emailing of an invoice if just the associated agency has an email (meaning no email on the customer).


  • Modified script printing so that "really long scripts" will span across multiple pages.
  • Modified "view history" on logs, orders and A/R to be BETA features since they are not completed and have been causing significant confusion because of this. For those interested in utilizing the history features, please contact customer service for further details.


  • Added automation commands to Skylla log export.


  • Modified sending invoices via email to gracefully handle sales person email address entered (or rather cleared) incorrectly by setting it to a single space.


  • Modified MusicMaster log export based on additional feedback.
  • Modified "Bump this spot" function on the log editor based on additional customer feedback.
  • Added support for SMARTS Smartscaster log export.


  • Modified creating a new rotation to gracefully handle orders with a missing station.
  • Modified log on to gracefully handle a specific circumstance related to forced sign off and not being a global administrator.
  • Modified how bumping of make good spots works.
  • Fixed issue related to running the Billing History report and adding the station column directly to the group by area and the stations not being seperated as they should.


  • Added log export for MusicMaster.
  • Added log export for StationPlaylist.
  • Modified Accounts icon (Deposits) so that it will open under specific combination of options.


  • Added support for Arrakis Digilink-Xtreme automatic reconcilation.
  • Modified so that "manual invoices" no longer incorrectly provides the Export to EDI context menu item.
  • Modified finalize invoice so that the IDB# no longer shows incorrectly on "manual invoices" that contain an agency that supports EDI.
  • Rebuilt "Accounts" tool in Administration to allow create/edit of bank accounts when using the Deposits module.


  • Modified the temporarily changing of a spot type of avail on a log so that it is now permanent.

  • Internal update.

  • Modified invalid order/rotation/copy report so that X's are now centered in their respective columns for better readability.
  • Modified TuneTracker automation export so that all spots in each spot set are marked with the same times.

  • Added initial support for exporting to the Azteca CABS automation system.
  • Added friendly message to handle access denied issue when attempting to save local layout settings.
  • Modified copy assignment report so that "all" no longer means "everything up to today", it now means "all".
  • Modified invalid order/rotation/copy report to use the letter X to denote missing copy rather than check boxes.


  • Corrected issue where when creating an adjustment (trade credit adjustment for example) and pressing the Apply button (not the OK button), the adjustment would change to credit adjustment on screen, but saved as a trade credit adjustment.
  • Modified old statement documents to handle an issue that sometimes occurs with regards to agency attachment.
  • Modified Music1 (OTS) import to gracefully handle situations where no spots exist during automatic reconcilation.


  • Fixed issue that occurs under some circumstances with regards to duplicating an order and lines get removed.
  • Modified the Pending Invoices list to take into account spots that are not scheduled are included in the "in progress" count.
  • Modified printing of statements to handle "blank stations" in a more graceful manner.


  • Fixed issue where sales people who are no longer active were not being included in the reporting sales people list causing items associated with said ex-sales people to not be included.
  • Fixed issue where a user could not be deleted due to pacing information being associated.


  • Modified the Pending Invoices so that any filters applied will be automatically unchecked when loading the window so that any previously applied filter is no longer automatically applied when initially opening the window.
  • Modified Enco export to more gracefully handle the station identifier being left blank.
  • Rebuilt the Music1/OTS automatic reconcilation process to work more effectively. Details here.


  • Version number refresh to differentiate between public and private release.


  • Modified order window to better support "missing default data" associated with the customer.
  • Modified customer window to better support "missing default data" by gracefully handling missing data.
  • Fixed issue when exporting EDI files in batch mode where the count of invoices was incorrectly calculated.


  • Fixed issue with the Accounts Receivables Reconciliation Detail related to prior balance finance charge calculations.


  • Renamed "Amount" column to "Gross" in Pending Invoices.
  • Added Start Date, Discount, Agency Commission, Net, Tax, Commission %, Commission, Finance, Balance and Product columns to the Pending Invoices window. Some of these columns may not be available depending on available options.


  • Fixed issue with exlamation on the schedule of an order item not clearing correctly.


  • Corrected issue where duplicate menu was showing incorrectly on list editors.


  • Fixed issue where the Accounts Receivable Aging Detail report was not calculating the "Total" column correctly.
  • Enhanced permissions on the administration - customer list.
  • Modified the information available on the A/R window to better reflect the overall intention of providing access to this window for a sales person. This means that the Balance column on the customer list and the Statement/Projection tab are no longer available. This is mainly because sales people can only see what is directly related to them; which means the balance and statement/projection data could be (and will be if multiple sales people are defined on a single customer) incomplete, causing major confusion leading to continued customer service related calls. The overall intention with providing access to A/R for a sales person is to allow them to review their invoices without having to go to a traffic person; nothing more.
  • Modified A/R window to allow sales people to do a View->Reset.

  • Modified private edition notice so that it no longer allows you to move forward with usage if not authorized.
  • Modified public edition so that it will no longer allow execution if account is set to private edition.
  • Modified log export so that all spots will always be after any automation commands that are scheduled for the same time.
  • Modified Log Reverse functionality so that it can be enabled separately from SuperAdmin.
  • Modified Invoice Detail report to take into account trashed finance charges.


  • Modified orders so that the administrator permission now has the ability to utilize correction mode.
  • Modified order entry so that spot counts are limited to three digits.
  • Modified order entry so that when the TAP field will automatically switch when the station is changed to a like named plan for the newly selected station.
  • Modified log export so that items scheduled for the exact same time are scheduled by item entry instead of type.
  • Added Length, Cart #, Copy Name, Tape Code, Spot Type, Order Qty, Start Time and End Time columns to the Bump report.
  • Modified Accounts Receivable Aging Detail report to work similarly to the Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Detail report regarding the description and applied date columns.


  • Modified the color hints in the order list (per customer) so that orders are not greyed out unless the contract date has expired AND all related invoices have been finalized.


  • Corrected spelling of apologize in the exception information window.
  • Added ability for superadmin to trash lines on invoices.
  • Modified order line item viewing so that schedules using the daily option are viewable even when beta feature is no longer available.
  • Modified make good window so that items can still be trashed even if the station column is not visible.


  • Version number refresh to differentiate between public and private release.


  • Modified invoice printing to better support longer descriptions in the detailed versions of the document.
  • Modified statement printing (open-item) so that items loop back upon themselves when checking for "open-item" until nothing else is found.


  • Removed Spot: and OAR: counts from invoices.
  • Renamed the Invalid Order/Rotation report to Invalid Order/Rotation/Copy report.
  • Invalid Order/Rotation/Copy report is now much more aggressive in determining problems related to rotation/copy.


  • Modified invoice "add spot" so that only spots listed are legal for the invoice (order, station, billing cycle).
  • Modified invoice "add spot" available spots so that trashed spots are included.
  • Modified invoice "add spot" available spots list so that current spot status is displayed.


  • Modified "manual invoices" so that they can be modified when in a gathering state.
  • Fixed issue with the pending invoices window "displaying twice".



  • Modified printing of confirmations, invoices and statements so that the address supports 7 full lines of text.
  • Modified statements so that open item statements that have a fully applied transaction will still be visible if the invoice(s) the transaction is applied are not completely paid.
  • Modified EDI export to support read agency address information based on invoice information instead of customer information.


  • Added ability to toggle automatically exporting Time Align commands for AV-Sat automation. Read more...


  • Added Placement column to Order List report.


  • Modified exception dialog so that it displays a progress bar while it collects exception details.
  • Modified a few windows within the software so they are no longer top most. (Thanks Katie and Milissa)
  • Added Start Time and End Time to the Make Good details window. (Thanks Katie)
  • Enhanced Make Good main window so that it will trash spots related to customer and station selection.
  • Renamed the "Spots Per Week" column on the Order window to "Schedule".
  • Modified the daily order entry mode so that the Schedule column displays as MTWThFSSu where appropriate. (Thanks Darlene)
  • Modified the Invalid Order/Rotation report so that daily order entry mode is supported. (Thanks Darlene)
  • Modified Order Confirmation document so that the MTWThFSSu column displays as MTWThFSSu where appropriate for daily order entry mode line items. (Thanks Darlene)
  • Modified Order Confirmation document so that the MTWThFSSu column is slightly longer.


  • Enhanced EDI export to include tape code, PO number, estimate number, sales person name and order item comment in appropriate 4A's electronic invoice fields.


  • Fixed display issue where all orders were being displayed in red when "open-ended orders" is enabled.


  • Fixed performance related issue with opening an order that spans into next year that was introduced as part of the Order Split Line Item feature.
  • Fixed issue with automation command not opening for detailed edit mode.
  • Changed "greying out" of expired orders so that it no longer occurs if "open-ended orders" is enabled.


  • Added a Balance column to the Invoice Detail report that shows the current amount due. (Thanks Jill)
  • Corrected issue with template editor related the automation commands list causing an error under some conditions.
  • Added friendly error display to any errors related to printing.


  • Increased the "forced wait" for unauthorized private edition to 90 seconds.
  • Modified View->History on the log editor so that it is not enabled until a log is loaded.
  • Rebuilt the Revenue Projection Detail report so that it better supports printing all 12 months onto a single page.


  • Modified Copy Assignment report so that carts used multiple times for a line item are filtered from the report.
  • Modified the log editor so that the product field for fill spots is "remembered" whenever you open the log. (Thanks Katie)
  • Added check and credit card reference numbers to printed statements. (Thanks Linda, Tim, Ivaree, Milissa, Jill and Katie)
  • Reverted changes for all reports so that the refreshing of column headers is prior to changes made to accomidate goal report.
  • Modified how the goal report refreshes the column headers based on date changes (new).
  • Added sales commission, agency commission and tax percentage columns to the payment detail report. (Thanks Hope)
  • Modified order entry so that sales people are unable to modify sales commission when entering their own orders. (Thanks Jason)
  • Modified Admin lists so that the Open menu item is first in the context menu. (Thanks Linda)
  • Modified sales person combobox selection on customer dialog so that names are consistent across RT. (Thanks Linda, Ivaree and Nikki)
  • Modified new orders and new invoices so that only "current" sales people are available in the selection list.
  • Modified BSI Simian auto-recon based on information from BSI.



  • Enhanced creating of invoice without an order to handle customers missing data due to automatic importing.
  • Modified log editor so that editing of the break type allows you to select from all the spot types available. (Thanks Katie)
  • Modified customer dialog so that the email field can handle significantly more text. (Thanks Ivaree)
  • Enhanced the modifying of an order so that the "reverse invoices" message is only displayed if fields that could cause invoice reversal are modified.


  • Fixed issue where the Make Goods window was encountering a problem when there were no make goods available.
  • Fixed issue with editing a break on a log, where under specific circumstances the length was getting reset to 0.
  • Modified editing of a break on a log so that the spot type can be modified. (Thanks Katie)
  • Modified deleting of templates is available to group administrators and administrators.
  • Added a delay to the "not authorized" message at startup before enabling the ignore button to make sure it's bein read.
  • Added ability to configure system for Balance Forward or Open Item statements. (Thanks Jason)


  • Added features to make it simpler to switch to the public release.



  • Modified EmailMyInvoices so that sales people can optionally be enabled to receive a BCC copy of any emailed invoices. Defaults to off.
  • Modified the Orders window so that account permissions attempts to filter out orders that do not relate to what the current users settings allow regarding station selection.
  • Modified "integrity of invoices" so that whenever the sales person is changed, the invoices are no longer reversed.
  • Modified the saving of the station information so that if the path contains extraneous "spaces", they are automatically removed.


  • Performance optimizations made regarding saving of TAP based order line items.
  • Modified behavior of the order line items, specifically relating to TAP, so that when changing from TAP to None, the times are reset midnight to midnight.
  • Corrected an issue where the Deposits menu item in A/R was not working properly.
  • Corrected issue regarding, when viewing approved TAP order line items, the times were showing as being invalid.


  • Modified invoice printing to (Times/Rates) so that when editing line items that have a copy attached and removing the length, the invoice can still be printed.
  • Corrected issue where under some circumstances the the Pending Invoices menu item not being visible.
  • Corrected issue with the invoice type column not showing any information on the Customer report.


  • Log editor can now be optionally set to automatically expand upon opening a log. Default is off.
  • Log editor can now be optionally set to display any unapproved orders that target the current log upon opening a log. Default is off.
  • Log editor has the option of displaying the fill usage count in the fill list. Default is off.
  • Log editor can now be optionally set to enable editing of rotations directly from a log. Default is off.


  • Another round of working toward "integrity of invoices". In order to modify the header of the invoices related to an order, you will need to right click on the invoice, choose the View Order menu item, enable Correction Mode. Make any changes you want to have applied to the Order and associated Invoices and press OK/Apply. Upon doing so, the order and invoices will be modified accordingly. You also have the ability to add (pull from circulation without having to place on a log), remove (put back into circulation for log placement) and/or trash (throw away) spots from invoices. To modify existing invoice item details, you'll need to be an administrator and can modify any values associated with each line item.
  • In order to get everyone on track, we've also reset the "back balance" invoice feature; so if you are still working on adding back balances, please let us know so we can re-enable this for you.
  • Corrected issue in the new Goal report where net numbers were being incorrectly used in some cases as gross numbers.
  • Added support to disable daypart restrictions in the log editor. (Thanks Debbie)
  • Modified all reports so that when the "refresh" panel is displayed, all data is wiped to make it more clear that something significant is happening.
  • Enhanced goal report to better support changes to the period regarding column names. (Thanks Jill)
  • Modified log editor so that, if enabled and aired file does not exist, the begin reconcilation menu is not available.
  • Added ability to the invoice editor for admins to modify the length of a line item.
  • Corrected an issue with statement printing that occurs only when 'split stations' is enabled.


  • Corrected issue with MakeGoods causing an error under some circumstances when clicking the Dismiss button.


  • Relaxed the maximum size on the script field of the Copy dialog. (Thanks Milissa)
  • Modified the Order List report so the Length column is formatted in MM:SS. (Thanks Katie)
  • Added an Agency column to A/R. (Thanks Kristy)


  • Rebuilt the MakeGood window so that the optional Station column is used when shown and not used when not shown for purposes of delving deeper (double click).
  • Corrected issue in the Make Good window that was incorrectly allowing the station to be editable.
  • Modified printing of confirmations to gracefully handle a situation where an agency is selected; however, no address exists on the selected agency.
  • Modified Private edition so that, if not currently authorized, a message is presented stating the situation so it can be remedied.


  • Corrected issue causing some reports to not work due to changes made to accomidate the reporting engine to faciliate changes in the new Goal report.
  • Invalid character checking on automatic exporting of EDI documents appears to have been too agressive, this has been modified.


  • Modified invoice editing so that the line items description can be changed.


  • Modified so that the viewing an order from A/R now allows editing of the order; and, if not using detached invoices, the A/R window is able to work with invoices that are potentially modified.



  • Modified invoice item so that only 80 characters are allowed in the description field.


  • Modified Enco automation import so that optional transition code is accounted for when determining filename.
  • Modified invoice editing so that group administrators / administrators have ability to modify the "obvious" fields.
  • Corrected issue encountered with "standard" invoice editing where when attempting to add an item after removing an item was causing an error.


  • Modified Goal report so that the Goal columns no longer need to be visible in order to calculate other columns.
  • Modified Goal report so that Station and Sales Person columns must be visible in order to calculate Goal % columns.
  • Modified Goal report so that Goal % columns are no longer "automatically summed" based on other column visibility; instead, they are now based on the Sales Person / Station columns that are visible.


  • Added Billing Cycle, Total and Total (n) columns to the Goal report.


  • Corrected issue with "manual invoices" incorrectly reading the default agency commission percentage associated with the customer.


  • Added additional progress indictation for the prelock background process.
  • Modified invoice editing so that the Discount column on the line item list updates in real-time whenever the Discount % is changed.
  • Modified log exports so that if invalid file path character information is entered in configuration, a more friendly notification is provided instead of the standard exception dialog.
  • Completely rebuilt the Goal report based on feedback. (Thanks Jason, Diana, Jill)


  • Removed an unused check box from the Revenue Type dialog.
  • Modified invoice editing capabilities for "manual invoices" so that all appropriate items can be modified.
  • Modified "manual invoices" so that the default sales commission percentage is populated.
  • Modified "manual invoices" so that the default agency commission percentage is populated.
  • Corrected issue with Placement not displaying sort order correctly in Station configuration.
  • Modified aging report so that prior balances are split based on available columns.
  • Modified background process status so that it will remain visible while "prelocking".


  • Modified order entry so that whenever an exclamation is displayed on the start/end date or schedule, the OK button is not be available.


  • Corrected issue found testing Add Spot being incorrectly utilized during Direct Invoices.


  • Modified invoice editing so that there are now several seperate "features" associated with "editing of invoices". There is the ability to create an invoice directly; primarily used when entering back balances. This has other uses, but does not appear to be really leveraged by any number of our customers at this time. There are two different modes of operation regarding editing of existing invoices; one that allows you to add and remove spots and the other that allows the complete, uninhibited, editing of everything that is on the invoice. The first will keep spot integrity in place and, thus, allow revenue projections to continue to work as expected. The second will allow you to add whatever you wish onto an invoice, meaning items that were never scheduled; as such, currently, these items are not included in revenue projections.
  • Modified SuperAdmin so that orders can now be deleted even if the associated spots have been schedules, ran and invoiced. Previously, you had to force the status of these to available, bumped or trashed; this is no longer required.
  • When editing an invoice and changing the copy of a spot based line item; the copy will now be modified on the original log.
  • Added the ability to Add, Remove (aka "bump") and Trash spot based line items on an invoice.
  • Modified so that SPW based order entry can now be enabled/disabled. Defaults to disabled.
  • Modified template editor so that group administrators (no other roles defined) can now access the list of stations.


  • Added icons to the bump, invalid copy and make good tabs to better draw attention to these tabs. If any of these lists are empty, the icon is no longer visible. If an icon is visible on a tab, this indicates there is "stuff to be done".



  • Corrected issue where the Note column was not being displayed property in the A/R window.
  • Removed Print/Print Preview from the Rotation window since they are currently not used.
  • Modified Force Status feature so that it is now an optional feature.


  • Added Last Payment and Last Payment $ to the Customer report. (Thanks Katie, Debbie, Milissa)
  • Modified how finance charges are presented on statements based on feedback. (Thanks Milissa, Tim, Debbie)
  • Modified calendar selector in order entry to use Sunday or Monday as the start of week depending on billing cycle selection.
  • Modified invoice editing permissions based on testing/feedback.
  • Modified a few features (Color Hints, Conflict Colors, Voice) and several "beta" features so they can be turned on/off as necessary. Some features that were specific to a few customers were also modified so they can be enabled/disabled as required.


  • Added Sales % to the Billing History report. (Thanks Jason)
  • Added Sales % to the Revenue Projection Detail report. (Thanks Jason)
  • Enhanced SS32 automatic reconciliation based on further testing and feedback.
  • Added capability to handle report names using characters that are invalid file system characters.
  • Enhanced AV-SAT export so that automation commands can support an alternative method for specifying "cart number" using an additional pipe delimited value in the command field.


  • Modified Log Editor so that the Administrator role has the same permission as the Traffic Manager and Group Administrator (without SuperAdmin) roles.
  • Corrected an issue that occurs under specific circumstances where SPW based orders would not allow modifying the end date (stopping) using a Sunday date.


  • Modified ENCO log export to support the ability to override the transition (FORMAT) code to an A/L/N/S value. By default, transition is an A; no additional effort is needed to leave it defined as an A.
  • Modified automatic reconciliation so that any aired files that contain categories are now filtered to only the categories that are configured in RT.
  • Added support for Wide Orbit automatic reconciliation.
  • Added a YYYY-MM column to A/R so that transactions can be grouped together by year-month. When grouped, displays total amount of debit and credit transaction(s).
  • Fixed issue preventing the deletion of a customer (SuperAdmin) due to pacing data.
  • Fixed issue preventing the deletion of a revenue source (SuperAdmin) due to pacing data.


  • Modified the dashboard so that the Administrator role has access to charts, graphs and information.
  • Modified Statements so that cash and trade are grouped together and identified in the item list.
  • Modified Order List so that oar orders that aren't "flat rate billing" are visible on the report.
  • Modified Inventory report so that "automatic placement" of non-placed spots is executed before brute force distribution into dayparts of left over spots is done.
  • Modified Station config dialog so that "Prelock" is removed as it is currently unused and causing confusion.


  • Modified Orders so that "Trashed" orders are visible to a SuperAdmin.


  • Corrected issue preventing goal report from providing numbers beyond 3 months.
  • Corrected issue in some cases causing an error when finalizing an invoice (directly) regarding emailing of an invoice.
  • CAUTION: Group Administrators who have SuperAdmin mode enabled can now ***delete*** agency commissions, automation commands, categories, clocks, sales commissions, conflicts, copy, countries, plans, revenue sources, revenue types, avail types, taxes, voices, orders, customers, users and entire stations. Trash should be used under normal circumstances. Use at your own risk! There is no UNDO! This process can not be reversed!


  • Modified Template editor so that missing elements are more clearly visible so they can be repaired/replaced.
  • Modified Enco log export to "trim" spaces around entered cart numbers.


  • Modified statements so that, when the balance is less than 0, the words "CREDIT BALANCE - DO NOT PAY" appear in the header area. (Thanks Tim, Katie, Milissa, Ivaree and Kristy.)
  • Modified statements so that, when the balance is 0 or less, the word "Balance" is used instead of "Amount".
  • Modified A/R so that administrators and accounting managers have access to Reverse and Trash functionality.
  • CAUTION: Group Administrators can now "delete" transactions / dynamic invoices in A/R. Right click on a transaction in A/R that you'd ***DELETE***; meaning all history and reference to it will be removed. There is no UNDO. This process can not be reversed.


  • Modified Placement list back to be 1-10 based on feedback; however, added additional information to remove confusion regarding whether 1 is highest or lowest.


  • Modified WideOrbit export to use an .ASC extension per discussion with WideOrbit.


  • Modified order entry so that "priority" is now referred to as "placement". Additionally, to reduce confusion as to whether or not 10 is better than 1; we now use an A-F "grading".
  • Added a seperate export for WideOrbit Radio Automation; very similar to SS32, yet different enough to require a seperate process.


  • Modified Enco automation export to support cartnumbers defined as nnnnnA where A represents the FUNCTION value used in the automation system. If not defined, assumes that the FUNCTION is A (as it has previously done).
  • Modified Enco automation import (ASPLAY) to support reading if the GROUP and WASPLAY columns do not exist due to running an older version of the automation product. Having these columns produces much better results; highly recommend updating to the current release of the automation product.


  • Added ability to do Save As on the Copy Assignment report.
  • Modified the Inventory report so that more feedback is presented while collecting/processing of information.
  • Enhanced emailing of invoices to provide additional feedback regarding emails not being sent due to the customer's/agency's email address not being resolved is presented (and logged) accordingly.
  • Modified invoices and statements so that the customers address is used by default (regardless of the customers "default" agency information). If an agency is defined on the order or invoice, then the agency address will override the customers address.
  • Modified the MediaTouch reconciliation process to support new documentation (read: different than the prior documentation) from MediaTouch so that the aired time is better represented.


  • Added help access to the majority of the windows/dialogs.


  • Added additional columns to the Goals report (months 4 through 12 for goal, revenue and percentage). (Thanks Jason.)
  • Added additional columns to the Billing History report the primary and secondary conflict as referenced to the original related orders. (Thanks Linda and Jason.)
  • Added an additional column to the Make Goods dialog to display the Station. (Thanks Noreen.)
  • Modified the printing of the log (File->Print from the Log editor) so that fill spots are treated the same as regular spots regarding the description formatting. (Thanks Katie and Noreen.)
  • Updated "online" invoices so they are able to generate invoices in the multiple ways as the RT software is capable of. (Thanks Kristy.)
  • Modified confirmations, invoices and statements so that the confirmation, invoice and statement footer configuration maximums are fully supported.


  • Added support for exporting logs to RCS MasterControl.


  • Fixed issues found while testing feature enhancements.


  • Modified many of the avaialble features so they can be turned on/off at a more granular level.


  • Fixed issue with template editor generating an error whenever right clicked on left hand area and selected new. (Thanks Jason.)
  • Fixed issue encountered while deleting a revenue type related to the newly added pacing report feature.


  • Fixed issue found by Patty where the event log contains a missing/corrupt group guid.


  • Modified log editor to prevent an error occuring when double clicking in the bump list and it causing an error in some cases. (Diane Knaps "trying to select target date bump for WYPY log :-(")
  • Split tons of features into individual components in order to facilitate sales / feature pricing.


  • Modified conflict lists so we no longer "hide" any entry labeled as "None". If "None" exists when looking at Conflicts in Administration, it needs to be renamed/removed.
  • Modified the automatic reconciliation of the Enco system ASPLAY file so that rotators assigned/used by the automation system are properly handled.


  • Modified EDI so that the tape code is exported instead of cart number.
  • Modified template editor open format dialog by removing the unused start date column.
  • Modified "Bump all spots in this break" to "Bump all spots in this avail" on the log editor.
  • Modified "Break" to "Avail (Spot Type)" when adding a new log item on the log editor.
  • Enhanced the field editors so values representing impossible dollar amounts (greater than 79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335) is handled gracefully.
  • Added hints to the toolbar icons to be shown when hovering over each item. (Thanks Katie.)
  • Corrected issue where global administrators are unable to enable a group administrator.
  • Renamed Order to Order/Line on the Order List report.
  • Added Order, Order Start Date and Order End Date columns to the Order List report. (Thanks KDUZ, Debbie, Milissa.)
  • Modified Template Editor so that added items are automatically highlighted. (Thanks Noreen and Katie.)
  • Modified the Orders and Order (line item tab and rotation tab) so that expired (prior to today) entries are "less obvious" as suggested in the forums. NOTE: If using the Darkroom theme, this effect will not be apparent. (Thanks Tim.)
  • Modified so that a new distribution point could be created specifically for beta testing.


  • Removed ability to use the "delete" on spot types and automation commands from the left hand list of the template editor. (Thanks Katie.)
  • Corrected "blank page" issue with order confirmation printing.


  • Enhanced the log detail report by adding a log date column (optional) and support for summing the cost column.
  • Modified copy window so that a date prior to 1/1/1753 is no longer allowed.
  • Modified order line items so that a date prior to 1/1/1753 is no longer allowed.
  • Modified log editor so that the bottom portion is not visible if a log is not loaded.
  • Resolved an issue related to the log editor when you have the "Show Auto Filter Row" MyViews option enabled on the bump list.
  • Enhanced the automatic placement process, manual log editing, order entry and template/format editing so that the concept of multi-spot type on a break is supported allowing for more than one spot type to be valid with in a scheduled break.
  • Modified the manual exporting of .EDI files so that the automatically generated name will take into account invalid filename characters and filter them accordingly.
  • Modified user editor so that only group administrators can modify the group administrator setting.
  • Modified invoice printing so that invoice line items that contain a cart number yet have no length will be gracefully handled.
  • Modified currency based fields so that if an invalid currency value is "pasted" into the field it will be gracefully handled by ignoring the value.
  • Modified the Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Detail report so that the description column no longer contains the date; instead, the date is now treated as a seperate column.
  • Modified log editor so that "find" works on a locked log.
  • Modified copy assignment to better handle rotations when only two spots exist on a log.
  • Added Agency column to the Order List and Revenue Projection Detail reports.
  • Improved performance and accuracy regarding how the customer dialog checks for preexisting customer names.
  • Modified right margin on order confirmations (adjusting all column widths accordingly) to make it slightly wider. (Thanks Katie.)
  • Changed "Breaks" wording in the template editor to "Spot Types" for consistency. (Thanks Patty.)
  • Modified template editor so that the left hand portion (type list) no longer allows directly deleting spot type and/or automation command items. Will need to use the Log Elements -> Spot Types or Automation Commands menu item to do so. (Thanks Katie.)
  • Modified confirmations, invoices and statements so that the ATTN line is no longer included. (Thanks Noreen and Milissa.)
  • Modified template saving so that the minimum date is now the first log that is "blank" instead of being "today". (Thanks Debbie.)


  • Corrected an issue related to TAP being used in order entry causing invalid duplication of generated spots. (Thanks Shea.)
  • Modified how rotations are handled so that station is now verified. Added "Station" column to rotation views as an optional column.
  • Modified how statements are printed in regard to "split by station" so that individual customer/station entries can be selected and printed.
  • Modified the A/R transaction list so that the summary rows (group and total) for the debit and credit columns so that the resulting totals are no longer including the "applied" values.


  • Modified log editor so that, if multiple stations, the log now requires selecting a station before tomorrows log is automatically loaded to reduce error and confusion when editing logs. (Thanks Katie and Noreen.)
  • Added the day of the week to the log editor windows title. (Thanks Noreen.)
  • Enhanced the time entry editors to support entering 24 as a shortcut that will automatically expand to 23:59:59. (Thanks Tim.)
  • Added "broadcast" mode to calendar so that schedules that are broadcast calendar are treated as such.
  • Modified many areas of the calendar view/editor based on feedback and product testing.
  • Corrected an issue found during beta testing regarding the not saving of values for "Sunday" entries on the calendar. (Thanks Ivaree.)
  • Modified the calendar so that the total count and rate (right hand side) are no longer "disabled", but read-only so they are more visible when using darker skins.
  • Modified reports so that a start or end date column that is blank will no longer show as 1/1/0001 for the group segment when grouped by that column.
  • Corrected an issue that, under some circumstances, prevented updating a Debit Adjustment (for example, changing the sales person).
  • Modified the log editor so that you can no longer trash a spot that has just been bumped; at least until you save the most recent changes. In other words, you can not trash a spot until it has actually been bumped; which doesn't occur until *after* you save your changes.
  • Corrected an issue that was not allowing the invoice footer comment to be saved.
  • Added wait window to initializing process (logon) so that it doesn't appear the application is "missing" while it is processing/connecting to the server.
  • Modified dashboard so that initial background processing will now take place each time a successful logon is completed instead of just when the software is initially started.
  • Added support for exporting to the Digital Jukebox automation product.
  • Corrected an issue that was causing a significant performance issue when updating (modifying existing) orders.
  • Corrected an issue regarding recalculating spot placement weight when working with "Daily" based order scheduling.
  • Modified the "Order Confirmation" report dialog so that the list of customers is correctly displayed (empty) whenever there are no status items; in other words, when there aren't any new orders to be processed.
  • Enabled MyViews menu on the rotation tab of an order.


  • Significantly modifed how automatic reconcilation syncronizes between an as-play file and the log that was scheduled so that spots will attempt to match on time as well as cart number. If not found, will continue to expand the window of time that is looked at until a match is found. Note: This is only necessary for automation system that do not support the reconcilation token; so all that can be used to syncronized is the cart number / time.
  • Corrected an issue where an exception would occur when adding a program directly to the log.


  • Replaced log editing functionality related to automation commands, breaks, log notes and programs regarding individual add/editing dialogs so that editing time and length are more flexible in the log editor.
  • Added ability to double click on log elements (automation commands, breaks, log notes and programs) to bring up the modify element windows in the log editor.
  • Added the ability to use the delete key to remove items from the log editor.
  • Added the ability to use the enter key to view/modify items on the log editor.
  • Replaced message regarding a break can not be removed due to containing one or more spots.
  • Replaced message verifying if you want to remove a log element to better reflect requested action on the log editor.
  • Handled an issue more gracefully where under some circumstances an error would occur regarding editing of existing orders and getting an error due to the schedule type not being set.
  • Found an issue where, under some circumstances, the rotation "next" may not be set and causing the copy to not be assigned when locking the log.


  • An issue was discovered that required the log to be saved/reloaded before adding spots to breaks if a template was applied that replaced the first item on the log. The need to save/reload the log is no longer required.
  • Corrected an issue where duplicating an order wasn't modifying the start dates of line items in all cases.





  • Modified behavior of editing automation commands on templates to support modifying the length.
  • Gracefully handling an issue found where the A/R list for a customer causes an error when loaded due to the station being "blank".
  • Modified the Reconciliation Detail report so that the Agency Commission for the report period matches the agency commission reported on the Invoice Detail report for the same reporting period (instead of being an "all time" total).


  • Modified how debit adjustments are displayed on the Reconciliation Detail report when multiple payments are applied to the debit adjustment and they are identical amounts. Debit adjustments now display as DR (nnnn-n) debit adjustment numbers instead of just DR.
  • Modified A/R so that debit adjustments are displayed as white in the debit column, not the credit column (like all other adjustments).
  • Modified A/R so that the debit/credit columns are summed.
  • Added View->Reset menu item to A/R.
  • Enhanced web browser functionality to handle the possibility that a web browser is not "registered" with the operating system.
  • Enhanced the printing of the reconciliation (did not reconcile list) so that the station and date are included. (Thanks Katie.)


  • Corrected an issue that occured under some circumstances with regards to calculating the monthly numbers on the payment history report.
  • Enhanced order window to allow the tax field being available when in correction mode.


  • Resolved an issue that caused EmailMyTimes to not be sent to sales managers and sales people under some circumstances.


  • Corrected an issue where transactions being added are not displayed correctly in all columns of the A/R transaction window.


  • Modified template editor to account for modifying an existing break so that it can be placed at 00:00:00 and be 00:00 in length.
  • Major changes implemented in statement generation to support Balance Forward, Open Item, Finance Charges and Split Statements in various combinations.
  • Handled an issue that would exist under certain circumstances regarding working with rotations.
  • Handled an issue that would cause an error when incorrectly including customers in the print statement list that have order activity but have never had any a/r entries. Activity for purposes of statement printing has been modified to now be any recent a/r activity or any order activity where they've had any prior a/r activity.
  • Corrected an issue where making changes to an approved off air revenue line item (using the Edit context menu item) would cause an error.
  • Modified order confirmations so that off air revenue line items do not print time, length and schedule columns.
  • Modified order confirmations so that, when used, tax is only printed if tax amount is greater than 0 (instead of just being based on tax percentage begin greater than 0).
  • Modified behavior of the Adjustment Detail report to better reflect transactions as they exist in A/R. Most transactions are now in the credit column; while Debit Adjustments are in the debit column and are no longer zero'd out due to being "paid".
  • Added station, revenue source, revenue type and sales person to the Audit Trail report as optional columns.


  • Modified copy editing so that the length field is disabled whenever the copy has placed on a log. Once copy is used, the length can no longer be changed without destroying the break lengths; so this copy can no longer have its length changed. If changing the length is required to correct a problem going forward, duplicate the copy or reverse the log(s) and edit any rotations that use the copy to correct the discrepancy.
  • Corrected issue that prevented using some types of lengths when editing breaks and programs on the template editor.
  • Modified the write on mechanism used during log reconciliation so that it no longer requires saving the log in order for the available spots in the write on list to be updated.
  • Modified duplicating of an order and create order from a package to automatically remove any item(s) that are made invalid due to using a different date than when the original was designed. A message is displayed alerting you when this occurs.
  • Modified duplicating of an order to allow, when changing the line items station that the rotations allow the changing of stations as well.
  • Modified duplicating of an order so that rotation(s) and copy item(s) are handled more appropriately based on the date being changed.
  • Added a "Order #" column to the Revenue Projection Detail report. (Thanks Ivaree.)
  • Changed behavior of "Open Item" statements based on feedback. (Thanks Debbie.)
  • Modified export to EDI to support invalid filename characters by replacing them with the underscore character.


  • Added the "help" button to several other windows including the Dashboard, Orders, Accounts Receivable, Logs, Group, Station, User and Customer.
  • Modified email sending to support "on behalf of" functionality to work around issues some customers have experienced sending emails by proxy. This should also increase compliance with regards to SPAM filters.
  • Modified EmailMyTimes so that the "from" address is the actual sender when sending emails to sales and sales managers. Emails sent to customers has changed so that it supports the "on behalf of" model.


  • Enhanced the "length" entry field editing capabilities to support appending the letter m or h to represent the number being whole minutes or hours as a shortcut to entering mm:00 or hh:00:00.
  • Modified the templated editor so that when adding a program, the OK button will become enabled prior to pressing the Tab key (assuming all the entry fields are valid).
  • MyViews enabled the transaction dialog (payments / adjustments) and added the ability to select Station as a custom column.
  • Corrected an issue that occurs whenever the Order List report is reset and the from date is "blank".
  • Added a "help" button to the email settings window that will open the default web browser and browse directly to the email settings portion of the manual. You can find this help button in the upper right hand corner of the email settings window (next to the X button).
  • Added a "help" button to the report selection window that will open the default web browser and browse directly to the reports portion of the manual.


  • Added ability to select between Balance Forward and Open Item type of statements on the customer configuration. (Limited Availability).
  • Modified the log export for AV-Sat based on AudioVault and customer feedback.


  • Added the from address to the information being written to the event log when processing email.
  • Limited preview of some of the changes coming to statements; particular to this release is the ability to select between balance forward (default) and open item as the type of invoice to be printed.


  • Modified the loading of the log to check to see if the log is currently opened by the same user account. If so, it will prompt that it is opened and allow the user to continue loading the log if they answer yes to the question regarding are you sure that this user account isn't being used on another computer so that the log can continue to load under circumstances where the log was closed improperly due to power outage, computer rebooting, etc.


  • Resolved a couple of minor issues discovered in our testing.


  • Resolved an issue when, under certain circumstances, adding a new payment would not allow you to immediately apply the payment until after you applied. (Thanks Shea and Linda.)
  • Resolved an issue when, under certain circumstances, changing the override start date on an off-air revenue entry would not immediately enable the OK button. (Thanks Carol.)


  • Modified the copy editor so that extraneous spacing and tabs at the end of each line are automatically filtered.
  • It appears that menu replacement on the log editor caused the CTRL+S (summary view) to stop working. This has been corrected. (Thanks Darlene.)
  • Resolved an issue that could happen, under certain circumstances, when viewing the log summary from the log editor. (Thanks Darlene.)
  • Resolved an issue, that occurs rarely, when repeatedly performing a View->Reset on a report.


  • When adding a new adjustment other than debit adjustment (and pressing apply), it is no longer possible to select debit adjustment from the type list.
  • Made improvements to the template editors add break, log note, program and automation command dialogs.
  • Beginning and committing reconciliation no longer require that you "save the log"; saving the log is now done automatically.
  • CAUTION: Group Administrators can now "fix" billing cycle using order "correction-mode". Doing so will reverse *all* related invoices, payments and/or adjustments and rebuild *all* related invoices.
  • CAUTION: Group Administrators can now "fix" a reconciled log by reversing the reconciliation process. Doing so will reverse *all* related invoices, payments and/or adjustments.
  • CAUTION: Group Administrators can now "fix" duplicate customers by merging multiple customers data (orders, invoices, payments, adjustments, etc.). This can be done from the Administration icon, Customers list editor. Right click on a customer that you'd like to merge to another customer. You'll be prompted to selected the customer to merge to. This process can not be reversed.


  • The private edition now has it's own "News" feed.
  • Added ability to jump directly to the forums from the dashboard (Main Menu->View->Forums).
  • Gracefully handling mis-configuration issue(s) when running RT in Windows XP within Apple OSX via Parallels.
  • Gracefully handling mis-configuration issue(s) when running RT on Windows Server 2008 R2 through Citrix.
  • Based on customer feedback, modified the BSI Simian log export.


  • Added "other" spots (Bumped, Trashed) to the new After Aired report. You can use filters to exclude them if you do not wish to include them when printing.
  • Various tweaks and enhancements to new features based on customer feedback regarding the public 1023 release.


  • Modified the log editors load dialog so that it no longer requires the month/year selection; it is now just a "big list" (per station).
  • Replaced the log editor's menu, toolbar and summary bar so that they can be skinned.
  • Replaced the log editor's rotation assignment dialog so that it is now skinned and MyViews enabled.
  • The log summary dialog has been enhanced so that it now applies conflict color codes, includes breaks, log notes, automation commands, empty breaks, etc.
  • Added the ability to view/edit log templates directly from the log editor using the Tools/Templates menu item.

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