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Microsoft Windows XP

To better prepare you for the future, we would like to bring to your attention the details regarding Microsoft's END-OF-LIFE policy specifically related to Windows XP. You can find the details here.


Software Updates

May 26, 2016

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes; specifically with regards to Virtual Stamps and the Station dialog. It was requested by support to remove the Invoice (files) due to problems associated with it being visible to clients.

As always, if you need any assistance, please contact support.

Note: Keep in mind that not all features mentioned in the release notes are publically available as they may still be in beta testing. Furthermore, some of entries will only be available as optional features (or enhancements to) and are available to customers who have and are current with their monthly service agreement.

May 24, 2016

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes; specifically with regards to "EmailMyTimes" and the usage of SSL.

May 11, 2016

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes including the addition of SSL support for email.

March 25, 2016

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

December 7, 2015

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

November 15, 2015

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

March 4, 2014

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

December 4, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

November 12, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

November 4, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

October 7, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

September 26, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

September 15, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

September 5, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

August 19, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

August 5, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

July 29, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

July 22, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

July 15, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

July 8, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. This update also marks the official retirement of the "Private Version".

June 26, 2013

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes.

  • Added support for Jazler Radio Star 2 automation system.
  • Added support for Playbox Technology Air Box automation system.
  • Off-Air Revenue now processes on the 15th instead of the 24th.
  • Modified reports so that dates prior to the year 1793 are not allowed.

If you get a message stating unable to retrieve/commit information, this means that the process took longer than expected. This could indeed be because of a connection issue; however, please try the retry button. If after several tries you still get the same message, please verify your internet connection. If internet connection is fine, please let us know where you are encounter this message. The more information you can provide, the faster we can respond with an update to fine tune the expected duration. Please be as specific as you can. When pressing cancel, the expectation is that the process is to continue gracefully considering no data was retrieved/saved.

For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1369 to 1439.

November 7, 2012

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1362 to 1368.

October 16, 2012

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1312 to 1361.

A few important notes:

  • We've had to reorganize some of the options, so please review your options by going into Administration->Group->Options. In other words, nothing has been "taken away", you just need to verify what you would like to keep enabled.
  • If you are using NexGen, you will most likely need to make sure you've selected the Prophet NexGen variation under Administration->Stations->call letters->Files in order to continue using 4 digit cart numbers.

July 4, 2012

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1253 to 1311.

February 6, 2012

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1197 to 1252.

January 3, 2012

Welcome to a new year! Although this update primarily includes minor enhancements and fixes; one major enhancement to be aware of is the addition of the ability to manipulate various optional settings that may be available to you based on the level of the product that you have. To access these options, you will need Group Administrator permission and can find them by opening the Administration->Group dialog and selecting the new Options tab. These options are group-wide. Please take a moment to review these options.

For additional release notes, please see the release notes entries 1197 to 1234.

October 13, 2011

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1176 to 1196.

September 6, 2011

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1155 to 1175.

August 3, 2011

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1135 to 1153.

June 2, 2011

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1125 to 1134.

May 9, 2011

This update includes minor enhancements and fixes. For the full release notes, please see the release notes entries 1105 to 1123.

April 7, 2011

It's been almost five months since our last major release. We've been hard at work on such a wide range of features; it's nearly impossible to pick any one place to begin.

At the top of the list is the fact that we've been working hard to position ourselves so that we can better address the needs of all of our customers.

  • Launched our community forums in December. If you haven't joined them, you really should. It's an incredible way to find out what's going on with the software, provide feedback directly to the development team, share hints and tips with other customers and, more importantly, speak with other customers who have similar situations as yourself in order to find more efficient ways to utilize our services to get done what you need to get done. The feedback we've gained through the forums helped to produce this release; so I wish to thank everyone of you whom have provided us with valuable feedback.
  • Launched the "private edition" program; of which many customers just like you have been participating in. The feedback we've gained from this program is incredible. Those people whom participate are literally on the front line of what the next "public release" will be; so everyone should join in and thank them for their participation.
  • Upgraded several servers over the past several months. Made significant improvements to the software overall to 100% support Microsoft's Cloud Computing Platform; so, yes, if you choose, you could run our software on a billion dollar platform.
  • Added (and continuing to add) more features than, it seems, anyone can keep track of.
  • We've swept through the software and have made several enhancements based on the feedback we've gained through the forums.

There are over eleven pages detailing the changes, improvements, additions that have been made in this release.

In the whirlwind of changes that have taken place, we've attempted to keep all of your existing features intact. We are human afterall so if you notice anything missing, please contact us as quickly as possible and well get this taken care of right away.

November 14, 2010

Please take a moment to read through this as there are *MANY* improvements and changes that will most likely affect anyone using our services.

Our last public release was about two months ago and over that time we've been hard at work on bringing you several new enhancements that extends across nearly every part of our service. Many of these will be immediately noticeable, while others are more of a behind the scenes processing that goes on to help produce a much more streamlined process, thus improving overall performance.

If you have any questions, our customer service team is prepared to answer them. Feel free to call, email or post to the forums. Oh wait, did I forget that we now have forums? If you would like to participate in the forums, please contact customer service for more details.

With all that said, here's a list of some of the changes and improvements...

Order Entry

  • The stop and/or cancel context menu is no longer available on the order list. In order to stop and/or cancel an order, you will need to view the order and use the tools included on that window.
  • There are now three new menu items that allow to to affect all items if an order. These are located in the Tools menu on the Order window. The Approve *all*... menu provides a means to approve all line items that can be approved. The Stop *all* as of... menu provides a means to stop all line items as of a specified date. The Cancel *all*... menu provides a means to immedately cancel all line items.


  • Order items and rotation items are no longer automatically selected; allowing you to see any associated color coding that might be enabled.


  • In order to correct data entry errors after approving an order, you now have to enable the Options->Correction mode menu item on the order dialog.


  • All context menus in the order entry area have been enhanced to better reflect actual context. If a menu item appears to be missing, it's probably because the last action requires that you save changes before additional options can be made available. Pressing the apply button will save the changes and keep the window open; thus allowing you to gain access to further options.


  • To better assist in determining what may have changed whenever creating/modifying orders; we've added a View->Change Summary menu item that will outline every change made during the current editing session.


  • The Order window (item list and summary), the Customer/Orders window (order list) and Order Confirmation document have been enhanced so they now take into account trashed spots when calculating the number of units and revenue totals.
  • Added "Effective Date" prompt when duplicating an order; will modify all dates based on the new effective date (effectively treats duplicate the same as create from package).
  • Added Rate to the Order/Order Item placement summary dialog (summed).
  • Added Spot Type to the Order/Order Item placement summary dialog.
  • We've added the ability to include a footer comment on confirmations. To configure, you'll need to go to group settings and enter the text that you'd like to have printed.


  • The automatic cart number assignment feature has been improved so that it now supports reserved cart numbers; allowing multiple people to simultaneously create copy and not having them utilize the same piece of copy.


  • The statement selection window now honors the "print statement" per customer option. Additionally, the Print? column has been added to this window as an optional column.
  • The statement selection window will no include customers with a zero balance if they've had any recent activity. Recent activity is defined as any new orders/lines, new invoices and/or payments since the beginning of the prior month.
  • We've added the ability to include a footer comment on statements. To configure, you'll need to go to the appropriate location depending on your configuration to enter the footer comment (group or station(s)).


  • The "Reports" list may be missing the categories when you initially upgrade. Use the View->Reset menu item to reset the view.
  • Several existing reports that have a summary variation have had the summary variation removed. We've been recommending to our customers for some time now that they should be using the Detail varation. A new feature has been added to all of these detail reports that allows the information to be automatically summarized; thus totally removing the need to have two reports that serve the same purpose. Please feel free to contact customer service for further details and possible training on how this works.
  • Customer List has been enhanced with a large number of new optional columns.


Reports / Documents

  • All documents that print a station/group logo now support saving the images in PNG (loss-less) format instead of JPG (lossy). In order to take advantage, you'll need to update the images using the station/group dialogs.
  • The Order Confirmation document has been modified so that discount will only be displayed if a discount is applied.
  • The Order Confirmation document will now include any associated Tax information.
  • The Order Confirmation document now takes into account trashed spots when displaying the "schedule"; trashed spots were already taken into account for the "projection" portion of the document.
  • The Billing History report has been completely overhauled. Optional columns now include Station, Sales Person, Customer, Revenue Source, Revenue Type and Product. Adding and removing these columns will automatically summarize the information based on the columns that are visible. The Product check box has been removed since you can now just (optionally) add/remove the column using the MyViews Column Chooser feature.
  • The Invoice Detail report now includes a Status column; indicating the current status on an invoice.
  • We've added a "Aging Group" column to the Payment Detail report that allows you to group the payments into 0-30, 31-60, 61-90, 91-120 and Over 120 groups.
  • Due to changes made to allow new features added to the Revenue Projection report and the fact that the old way was very undiscoverable, we've created a new Goal report to provide details related to sales goal(s) on a per station / sales person basis called Goal located int he Sales category.
  • The After Aired report has been completely replaced so that it works like every other report (MyViews, summarization, customization).


  • The rotation editor now includes start and end dates for each line of copy. Additionally, each line is now color coded as follows: Green - copy covers the entire date range of the rotation. Yellow - copy covers a portion of the date range of the rotation. Red - copy has been made invalid after it was added to the rotation. Rotation items are no longer automatically selected so that you can view any associated color coding applied.


  • When modifying just the rotation(s) on an order, you will no longer be prompted to print the order confirmation.

Log Editor

  • Added a "Count" column to the fill list that calculates how many times each fill item has been used on the current log.
  • The log editor has been improved so that only one person/location can have *any* log open at a given time. In order to modify a log when someone else has it open, you will need to request that they close the log so you can open it.
  • The Missing Copy Summary has been overhauled so that it is now MyViews enabled and no longer requires that you save the log before viewing.
  • The Pending Orders Summary has been overhauled so that it is now MyViews enabled and, if displayed when locking the log, will allow you to press OK/Cancel on the displayed list instead of just an OK button, further requiring you to select Yes/No to continue using another dialog; thus reducing the number of steps required to continue.


  • EmailMyTimes, EmailMyInvoices, EmailMyCopy features now require that email settings be configured using the dashboards Tools->Email Settings dailog.


  • The Customer window now supports the ability to enter multiple email addresses (separated by the semi-colon (;) character.


  • Manually emailing invoices no longer require that "deliver via email" be checked on the customer. Just requires that EmailMyInvoices be enabled and a customer having an email address.


  • Can now compare a column to another column in the custom filters dialogs.

Do one of the following:

  • Click the toggle button:


  • Press CTRL+Q

Then, specify the column via the operand value's edit box.

Optional Features/Modules

  • Anything to do with taxation, finance charges and deposits are now included as part of the Tax, Finance Charge and Deposits modules respectively. This allows taxes/finance charges/deposits to be removed from the system if they are not used. These modules are turned off by default. Contact us if you need to have any of them enabled.
  • Some of our customers have expressed a desire to allow sales people to keep adding to an existing order, even after it's been approved. We can now enable a module that will allow this functionality; however, enabling this will limit our ability to, with any accuracy, determine if an order is actually completed. This will affect viewing pending invoices, automatic removal of orders that have expired, etc.

Feedback (Thumbs)

  • The feedback mechanism has been enhanced and now requires that you leave a comment if leaving a negative rating. This comment will be forwarded to the RadioTraffic customer service team. As always, feedback (whether it be positive or negative) is always appreciated.

September 13, 2010

Copy Editor

  • We’ve enhanced the copy editor so that it now includes automatic spell check capabilities.


Order Editor

  • To reduce the need to print preview an order just to see summary information, we've modified the order window so that it can be resized, moved order total to be below line items and added Qty and Total columns to the line item display.


  • To keep everything consistent in order to reduce confusion, we’ve modified "pending" orders in the orders list to display as "Pending" instead of "Order"/"Unapproved" for consistency.


  • Introducing the ability to do a "one click" cancel on an entire order. If the order is currently not executing, the entire order will be reset to a "pending" state. If the order is executing, the order will be stopped "as soon as it can".


  • We’ve added ability to do a "one click" trash of an entire "pending" order.


  • When duplicating an existing order, rotation information is now included.
  • Calendar preview on order line items.


  • Ability to modify order billing cycle after order is approved/executed/invoiced (feature currently limited to Support Services, please contact them if you need this done).


  • Updated the reconcile fail form: MyViews enabled, can print/print preview and export.
  • Added support for Enco DAD automatic reconcilation.


  • Updated Spot Types and Automation Commands editor to be MyViews enabled.

Accounts Receivable

  • Introducing AutoPay; a feature that will automatically apply pre-existing payments to any invoices that are finalized upon finalization. This automatic process currently requires that the information on the payment (sales person, station, revenue type, revenue source) match the same set of information on the invoice.
  • You now have the ability to "one click" create an ad-hoc invoice. If the invoice is end dated for today or prior, the system will automatically finalize the invoice upon saving; otherwise, the invoice will be left in a "pending" state.


  • In addition to creating ad-hoc invoices, you can now "duplicate" any existing invoice, creating an ad-hoc invoice that initially mirrors the invoice that was duplicated. Changes can be made and the same "finalize"/"pending" behavior applies.


  • You can now view invalid Co-Op scripts associated with invoicing from the Pending Invoices dialog.


  • Drastically modified how Debit Adjustments work/look/feel.


  • All administration modules now include the ability to “Find” (CTRL+F find, CTRL+SHIFT+F sticky find, F3 find again and SHIFT+F3 find reverse).



  • Several of you have asked if we could add a “product” column to the Billing History report. The answer is yes. ;-) (Note: The exact method of this is subject to change in future versions.)
  • All reports now include the ability to “Find” (CTRL+F find, CTRL+SHIFT+F sticky find, F3 find again and SHIFT+F3 find reverse).


  • Inventory report now displays the calculated lowest spot rate for flat rate billing orders for the purposes of calculating AUR and LUR.
  • Order List report has been enhanced to show up to three months of projection (based on start date running the report), three months of projected spots, total revenue and total unit count as optional columns.


  • Visualize Changes has been modified so that they are italics (previously used underlines).

August 5, 2010

Log Editor

  • Expand All automatically occurs when opening a log.
  • When reconciling, the editor will now highlight items that have aired outside of the originally scheduled start/end times (based on 'aired time').
  • When working with log reconciliation and editing the aired time, the time will now be formatted hh:mm:ss when moving between lines (improves readability).

Copy Editor

  • Added the 'Station' column to the Copy editor.

Accounts Receivable

  • You can now right click in the invoice list of the payments/adjustments window to select "Auto Apply" to automatically apply the transaction. Feature will first try to apply to an exact amount item first, if not found will apply from the oldest to the newest.
  • Modified A/R transaction list to show revenue source, revenue type and station for transactions (payments/adjustments).

July 29, 2010


  • Please help us to help you; if you give us a thumbs down rating, please be sure to send a quick email to support@radiotraffic.com regarding why.
  • The dashboard will no longer automatically log off during regular business hours. Please be sure to log off if you are not actively working.

Log Editor

  • CTRL+SHIFT+F 'Sticky Find' allows you to use the find dialog on the log editor and have it begin at the currently selected location instead of the default (CTRL+F) of the beginning of the log.
  • When pressing CTRL+S on a log item, the 'Summary' windows will be displayed and automatically filtered for the highlighted customer.

What's New Notice

  • The What's New notice (this window) can now be left open so you can directly review the changes.

July 26, 2010


  • It has come to our attention that the thumbs up/down feature isn't clear that you can rate your opinion on an up to three thumbs up or down basis. We've changed the display to reflect that there are three stages available for both the thumbs up and down options.

Thumbs Up


  • CTRL+G can be used to jump to any time on the log and supports various short hand time entry support that is available on the orders module.


  • The log editor now supports the ability to essentially view the log in whatever manner you wish by utilizing the View->Summary menu item. This view can be manipulated using MyViews to organize the information in any manner you wish.

Log Summary

  • The bump and make good lists no longer reset to the first item whenever moving around on the log.


  • You can now use Invoice Type when working with pending invoices. For example, this allows you to group, filter and/or sort by Invoice Type so you could finalize/print all of your CoOp invoices together.

Pending Invoices - Invoice Type

  • Printed invoices now include, if applicable, the TRADE element as part of the invoice header.

Invoice - Trade


  • The 'Current' column has been relabeled to '0 - 30 days'.

Statement - 0 to 30


  • Log Detail now includes the Copy (copy name) column.
  • Invoice Detail now includes the Product column.


  • Sales people can now view a limited view of the Accounts Receivable module. The view is limited to customers, invoices, payments and adjustments that they are associated with. This view also provides the ability to view and (re)print invoices.
  • Sales people also now have the ability to directly access their customer list directly from the dashboard; using MyViews, can configure this list to best suit their working needs.

Sales Modules

July 10, 2010

Log Editor

  • We've had several requests to create a simpler way to "jump" to hours on the log. How about a single click of the mouse? You will find that the log editor now includes a list of numbers across the top of the log numbering between 00 and 23; click on these and you will jump directly to the first item in that corresponding hour.

Log Jump Times

  • We are in the process of adding "Find" (CTRL+F) to the log editor and we would love to hear any feedback on this feature. Pressing CTRL+F in the log editor will bring up a simple box that you can type a phrase to search for. Upon pressing OK, the first item (if available) will be located and selected. "Find" will use all text on all columns in its search. To "Find Again", you can use the F3 key; pressing this key will take you to the next occurrence of the phrase. You can also use the CTRL+F3 key to "Find Reverse". We are making this available early for feedback, so feel free to play with it an let us know what you think.


  • The Order List report has been enhanced regarding “created” orders. We now track “created” on a line item basis; so if you add a new line item to an order, it will now show up on this version of the report.
  • We’ve further enhanced the Order List report to now include a “modified” variant. Selecting the “Modified” period will display all orders that have been modified (and created) between the dates specified.

Order List Report (Modified)

  • The Payment Detail and Invoice Detail reports now include the Product as an optional column.

June 21, 2010


  • The invoice editing feature has been enhanced to provide the ability to modify the attached copy for each line item. This is true of the line item dialog (open by double clicking on the line) and the inline editing (similar in functionality to using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor).


  • Preview copy on rotations by either double clicking on the line item or using the context menu throughout the rotation building process.


  • Introducing the Bump report! The Bump report allows you to view all bump lists for all stations for the specified date range (defaults to "This Week") in one easy to view report. Combined with MyViews, you can organize the information quickly. (Premium Reports)

June 12, 2010

As our software continues to add new features, some of you have made it clear that it is necessary that we have a mechanism in place that allows you to choose whether or not these new features are optionally enabled for your use. This release makes this a reality. For those that were unhappy with the change visualization (aka underscores), for example, you can now contact customer service to have it turned off.

Let us know what you think!

We really want to know what you think. Obviously you can continue to email or phone us with any particulars, but we've been thinking there has to be a simple way that you could let us know how things are going regarding your experience with RadioTraffic.com.

You can now let us know how we are doing by simply letting us know by reflecting your experience with an easy to use thumbs up/down rating system. Located on the dashboard next to the RadioTraffic.com logo, you'll see a thumbs up icon. Left click this and it will increase the thumbs up (maximum of three) and right click on it to give us a thumbs down (to a maximum of three). Having a great experience with our product, we'd love to know! Unhappy? Let us know so we can work with you to improve your overall experience with out service.

Budget customers to be upgraded!

We are also announcing the immediate availability of a major upgrade to our budget customers that includes a complete replacement to the printing engine, all new reports, two skins, revenue source and revenue type (replaces income account) and more! Please contact customer service for details on migrating to this new version.

June 4, 2010

I'll be working with Microsoft answering questions at their conference taking place in New Orleans, LA. next week; as such, we are releasing what we were planning on making available next Tuesday a little ahead of schedule.

A couple of weeks ago, we reduced the number of elements on the screen that defined how an invoices are structured and printed. These options included Detail, Detail Affidavit, Detail Notarized Affidavit and Co-Op Notarized Affidavit.

Today we are extending the available choices through an optional feature by adding Summary, Summary Affidavit, Summary Notarized Affidavit, Times, Times Affidavit, Times Notarized Affidavit, Times/Rates, Times/Rates Affidavit and Times Notarized Affidavit. (Note: You automatically get this optional feature if you have and are current with your monthly service agreement.)

You can update your customers so that future orders will use the newly selected invoice type by default. To change these on existing orders/invoices, you'll need to modify the orders/invoices accordingly.

May 25, 2010


  • We've improved all of the editors in administration (Agency Commission, Agency, Category, Clock, Commission, Conflict, Copy, Country, Credit Policy, Customer, Plan, Revenue Source, Revenue Type, Spot Type, Station, Tax, User and Voice) so they support the MyViews feature of Incremental Search. Just click on an item in the column that you'd like to incrementally search for and start typing the name of the item you are looking for.
  • We've modified the Customer editor so that tabs containing invalid (missing) data now contain an icon to draw your attention better. No more hunting through tabs to find problem.

May 24, 2010

This time around, we're going to try formatting the list of updates a little differently. Please let us know which style seems easier to read. Thanks.


  • Rotations are even easier while still maintaining complete control! You can now manipulate the rotation directly (as you have always been able to do) or utilize the new Ratio Editor to quickly build the list by adding copy and assigning a ratio (aka percentage). This editor also supports summary information to better assist you in getting your rotations right the first time through.
  • We've reduced the number of data entry elements that define what an invoice will look like. This will reduce the number of elements on the screen that you have to adjust in order to build what essentially is four types of invoices (at this time). Previously you had to choose between Co-Op, Certified and Notary Required; having to remember what each of those meant and how they work with one another. These have been removed and replaced with a single drop down that includes the following options: Detail, Detail Affidavit, Detail Notarized Affidavit and Co-Op Notarized Affidavit. This change has been applied to Customers, Orders and Invoices.
  • The Unapproved Orders window no longer closes automatically; improving the overall flow of approving orders.

Log Editor

  • The Log Editor no longer "scares" you with a useless message when you save while reconciling.
  • The Automatic Placement feature now supports the conect of filtered automatic placement; this means that you can filter the lists (using MyViews) and only those items that are unfiltered will be utilized when executing automatic placement. For example, filter out all $0 spots and execute; only spots with a rate are placed on the log. Turn off the filter and execute again and the $0 items are now included. In addition, the Bump list now includes Execute Automatic Placement as a context menu item.
  • You should see a significant improvement in the overall performance of the Fill automatic placement (log editor).
  • Write On Spot window is now MyViews enabled! Using the Write On Spot window during log reconciliation now allows you full use of MyViews; we've also added several columns that you can choose from to better assist you in selecting spots. Double-clicking no longer opens up the order, it works as a selection. To open the order, use the mouse right-click context menu. (Copper+)
  • Enhanced Scott Studios/Google/WideOrbit cart number export. You can now use AAnnnn as a cart number (for example, LC1234 for a live copy read) and it will export these appropriately. The export will still treat nnnn as it always has, so no need to modify anything unless you have a need for this feature.


  • Introducing the Emailed Invoices report! For those customers using the EmailMyInvoices features, we now have a report that will detail which invoices have been emailed. You can find this report under the "Informational" section in the reports icon. (Copper+)
  • Inventory report gets a facelift! Based on customer feedback, we've significantly enhanced the Inventory report so that the numbers are separated out on a Spot Type basis. (NOTE: If you are unable to see these when you run the report, you may need to use the Tools/Reset *all* layouts menu item from the Dashboard.) (Copper+)
  • Enhanced the Payment Detail report. We've added a new column, Comment, to the Payment Detail report. This column reflects the payments Comment data entry value. (Copper+)
  • The Station/Sales Person summarized version of the Revenue Projection report now has the ability to chose goal and goal % columns for each month.

May 18, 2010

Announcing Modifying Copy/Rotations Directly From The Log Editor! (Copper+)

Without having to close out of the log editor, you now have the full ability to modify rotations (regular spots) and copy (fill spots).

Select Your Statements (Copper+)

When printing statements from the A/R window, you are now able to select which customers to print. This includes, of course, the ability to utilize MyViews, an aging and unpaid invoice count column.

Automatic Placement Using Fill On Partially Breaks

You can now choose to use the Fill spots to fill out breaks that currently contain spots; leaving breaks with no items empty.

Accounts Receivable Aging Detail/Summary Now Includes Contact Info (Copper+)

We've added two new columns containing Contact Name and Contact Phone to the aging reports to better assist in collection.

Improved Pending Invoices (Copper+)

When you view pending invoices and use the Check All / Uncheck All context menu items, all items were affected even if they were filtered. This is no longer the case. Additionally, items that are filtered are now automatically unchecked. You can also use the spacebar to toggle selection.

Duplicate Copy

You can now duplicate a piece of copy (context menu) from the customer dialog copy list and the copy list editor.

Enhanced Reports Allowing Summarization (Copper+)

Previous to this version, whenever you collapsed a section on the reports, the summary line would be collapsed as well hiding it from view (and printing). We have improved all of the reports so that the summary line will now always be visible; allowing you to essentially create a summary version of any report.

Added "Debit Adjustment" (Copper+)

To provide the ability to add an amount to the customers balance, we now support the concept of "debit adjustment". Whenever you use the add adjustment window to create a "debit adjustment" and press OK/Apply, we will create an custom invoice containing the debit adjustment line item. This allows you to then apply payments/adjustments to this custom invoice.

Improved Database Connectivity

Some of you have experienced intermitent internet connectivity issues and the "generic" exception dialog doesn't completely convey that this is the problem. We are working to improve this circumstance and help you to better determine the problem. In addition, we now allow you to choose to "retry" instead of showing an exception.

May 11, 2010

Introducing the Invalid Order/Rotation report! (Copper+)

Here's the scenario: You've entered in several orders, without copy, a couple of weeks ago. Those orders are about ready to have to be placed on logs and you need to know whether or not rotation/copy coverage exists for those based on the next few days. We've built a report specifically to answer this question in a very quick and concise manner.

Replaced the Make Good report. (Copper+)

The new Make Good report matches the "style" of our other reports and allows the full customization that you've come to expect.

Enhanced Data Entry. (Copper+)

In order to assist in answering the question, "What has changed?" while you're working on entering/modifying data, we've enhanced all data entry fields so the text is underlined for changed items.

No more stinking blinkies!

By popular request, the red exclamations no longer blink.

Enhanced Order Entry. (Copper+)

Several improvements have been made to order entry.

  • If you have more than one station, we will no longer automatically select one; forcing you to select the correct entry.
  • Now that the customer window contains a default selection for spot type, order entry spot line items will now use this default.
  • Ability to duplicate a rotation line item; so, for example, you could modify the rotation by adding/removing items and setting a new date without having to start from scratch.
  • Behavior of the calendar view on rotations has been improved to better reflect the valid start/end dates.
  • Added ability to "override end date" to the rotation editor, accessible from the Options menu.
  • Modified "override start date" so that it is now under the Options menu item instead of a check box.

Modified Customer edit/creation. (Copper+)

If drop down data fields have more than one item, we now require that you select the correct entry instead of selecting the first one by default. We've also added the ability to specify the default Spot Type (scheduling) that will be used when creating new order line items.

Enhanced Log Editing. (Copper+)

We've added the ability to Bump This Customer and Bump Normal Spots to the context menu on the log editor. Bump This Customer removes all spots (normal, make good, fill) for the customer selected and Bump Normal Spots will remove all "normal" spots (non-Make Good and non-Fill).

Enhanced Printed Log.

Added the day of the week to the title of the printed log.

Enhanced * Automatic Cart Number usage. (Copper+)

When using the * mode for entering new Copy, particular circumstances are now presented instead of the default exception window; allowing you to see the problem and correct it without having to contact customer service for more information.

Renamed the Copy Type column to be Spot Type on the Order List report. (Copper+)

Some people have expressed that they'd like to see the Spot Type on the Order List report; it was there, however, was labeled as Copy Type. We've renamed the column to Spot Type since that it what it's called on screen.

Replaced A/R Transactions printing. (Coppper+)

To align the printing of the transactions from the A/R window, we've replaced the printing so that it matches more closely with our reports.

Enhanced Administration "List" printing. (Copper+)

The printing of the Administration lists has been enhanced to now include a header containing group name and the name of the list.

Modified Confirmation document. (Copper+)

Order confirmations now shows MTWThFSSu instead of Schedule as a column header and, in the case daily numbers, we format the display as a comma separated list.

Added "Uncheck Trade" to Revenue Type filter on all reports. (Copper+)

To assist in toggling just cash/trade Revenue Type entries when running reports, we've added the Uncheck Trade context menu item to quickly uncheck all Trade type Revenue Types.

Enhanced EmailMyInvoices. (Copper+)

We've completely replaced the online viewing of invoices so they now produce PDF formatted documents. Additionally, we now log to "Invoice History" whenever someone views one of these invoices online and you can View in Browser using the context menu in the A/R transaction list.

May 4, 2010

Enhanced Adjustments (Copper+)

You now have the ability to specify what kind of transaction, such as Credit Adjustment, Trade Credit Adjustment, Bad Debt Write-Off, etc. when entering/editing adjustments. You can use the Type column when running the Adjustment Detail report to see an abbreviated version of this information.

Spring is in the air... (Copper+)

It's been spring time for a couple of weeks now, so it's a little late; however, you can now choose a spring theme (Spring) to help you get into the spirit. Additionally, we've added the Pink and Blue II themes. Enjoy!

Note: Yes, we are working on one for Summer. ;-)

April 26, 2010

Introducing "Skip Weeks"! (Copper+)

In order to reduce some of the duplication of order line items due to alternating weekly patterns, we are introducing Skip Weeks. Skip Weeks works with regular, TAP and Spots Per Week orders. The line item display and order confirmation document (printed) now include the Repeated column that reflects the selected skip weeks option. As always, if you have any questions or notice any issues, don't hesitate to contact customer service.

Deliver your invoices through EDI (Electronic Delivery of Invoices). (Copper+)

Thanks to input from one of our newer customers, we've enhanced when/how we create EDI Invoice File(s) (Open Standard for Broadcasters based on specifications provided by Donovan Data Systems, Inc.). If you have an agency that has an IDB# associated, we will now automatically create .edi files automatically whenever you use the Pending Invoice(s) dialog to finalize invoices. These files are located in your "My Documents"\RadioTraffic\Edi folder. Please feel free to try this and let us know any and all results. If you discover any issues, please let us know and we will work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

December 15, 2009

Chart Replacement

We are in the process of revamping the chart engine. Now new features at this time, however, we are planning on adding several new charts in the very near future.

Change priority on order items.

You can now change the entered priority on an order line item, even if the order is already running. This will allow you to tweak the priority on an order item basis in order to better fill the log.

November 20, 2009

Get into the holiday spirit! (Copper+)

We've added a new theme designed with the holiday season in mind. To review how to change from one skin to another, feel free to watch a short video that walks you through the process by clicking watch tutorial (HD).

November 3, 2009

Enhanced Revenue Projection (Copper+)

Can now modify the report to show calendar, broadcast or both and/or gross/net amounts.

Enhanced Statements (Copper+)

We've significantly enhanced the statements so they now use the same printing engine as the reports, display what invoice(s) the payments/adjustments were applied to, includes finance charge transaction(s), Additionally the statements can now be flagged (at the group level) so that they can be split by station(s) when printed.

Enhanced Invoices (Copper+)

In addition to statements, the invoices have been enhanced to use the same printing engine as the reports, only show notary information on the last page, include balance due in the header,

Enhanced Log Editor (Copper+)

The log editor's bumps, fill, missing copy and make goods lists are now MyViews enabled allowing you to sort, group and filter the information to better assist you in finding exactly what you need when working your log.

Enhanced Pending Invoices (Copper+)

You can now choose to see whether or not an invoice is flagged to print by selecting the Print? column (using MyViews).

Enhanced Pending Invoices

You can now right click on the pending invoices list and choose the select all or unselect all options.

Enhanced Dashboard

The dashboard will now remember which charts you've selected; so now when you exit and return, you'll see the charts that matter to you most.

Admin Tools

Whenever you try to access an admin tool that requires all other windows to be closed, it will now present you with the name(s) of other window(s) that are still open.

Off Air Revenue Invoices

We've modified the off air revenue portion of invoices so that they generate an invoice immediately if the date of the order item is on or prior to today.

Re-introducing custom conflict colors on the logs.

This feature has been in the system for some time, however, over the course of many changes the feature was no longer fully enabled. We've spent some time on it and now it is caught up; allowing you to select any conflict and set a custom color accordingly.

Daylight Savings Time

We've modified the log exports so they will no longer export the 2am hour in the spring and will duplicate the 1am hour during the fall daylight savings time changes.


Software Update

October 29, 2009

Review your Off Air Revenue. (Copper+)

You can now review your off air revenue that will bill (or has billed) place between two specified dates. There is a detail and summary version of this report of which you will find included under the Log section of the report browser.

Inventory report now includes Lowest Rate option. (Copper+)

We've extended the Inventory report to include a Lowest Rate option (very similar to the Average Rate option) that will show the lowest spot rate found in a particular daypart.

Invoices! (Beta)

You've spoken and we've listened. The invoices have been overhauled so they are not only significantly faster (by faster, we mean absolutely no comparision with the prior incarnation) but also include a ton of new features that bring them in line with the all of the other reports. Additionally, we've modified the notary to only be included on the last page of the invoice. This completes phase one of the two phase improvement to invoices; the second phase will provide you with a plethora of options to customize how the invoices will be printed. This is currently in the testing process and will be released shortely after this calendar billing. Stay tuned.

October 26, 2009

Review your inventory. (Copper+)

You now have access to a new report that allows you to review your inventory in several different ways. In addition to date, you can review the information by type, basis and clock. Type can be sold, unsold, total, sold/unsold, sold/total, average rate and total dollars. Basis is by unit, by time, by unit percentage or by time percentage. With all of these options, this provides over 20 ways to look at your inventory to help you increase revenue!

Introducing two new skins. (Copper+)

We've added two new skins. Several people have stated they like the Halloween color scheme, so we've included a version without all of the Halloween decoration called Dark Side. Additionally, we've completed the Coffee skin for your usage. To review how to change from one skin to another, feel free to watch a short video that walks you through the process by clicking watch tutorial (HD).

October 7, 2009

Completely rebuilt confirmations (Copper+)

We've collated a ton of feedback reguarding printed confirmations and this release makes available the new and improved version. These also now take advantage of the new common print preview dialog that is also available with the new reports; of which you can now save confirmations to a PDF file.

October 1, 2009

Introducing Skins! (Copper+)


We understand that not everyone likes the bland Windows look and feel and that every person has individual tastes. With this in mind, we are introducing the ability to select a skin to suite your individual preference. We plan on releasing at least one new skin every month! This month, you can choose to join in on the beginning of the holiday season by switching over to Halloweeen -- and before you ask, yes, we're already working on one for the Holiday season to be released by December 1st. To change your skin, select the Tools/Select Skin menu from the dashboard.

watch tutorial (HD)

Introducing MyViews! (Copper+)

MyViews is a new technology that we've created that allows you to gain full control over how you see information. Don't like how information is shown on the order list, change it. Let's say you want to see orders grouped by status, sales person, revenue source, revenue type or all of the above (or any other column(s)), you can now do this. Seeing too much information, you can filter the information down using several methods. Of course, sorting, reordering columns, etc. is all available. Close the window that you've made changes to, open it back up and it remembers your changes. Now don't mistake this as being only available on orders, pretty much anywhere you have a list of items, you can leverage MyViews technology! Let's say your in the A/R window and want to only see customers whom have an outstanding balance; filter the list by only showing customers with a positive balance. For detailed information regarding MyViews and how to use them, go here.

How about some reports? (Copper+)

We've build an entirely new report engine and have added several and/or enhanced reports; how's this for a list to get you started?

  • Accounts Receivable Aging Details
  • Accounts Receivable Aging Summary
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Detail
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation Summary
  • Aged Receipts/Adjustments
  • Audit Trail
  • Cash Receipts Application Analysis
  • Deposits
  • Unapplied Prepayments
  • User Usage
  • Agencies
  • Agency Accounts
  • Billing History
  • Customers
  • Payment History
  • Aired Fill Spots
  • Log Detail
  • Log Summary
  • Log Times
  • Average Spot Rate
  • Copy Assignment
  • Order List
  • Revenue Projection
  • Adjustment Detail
  • Adjustment Summary
  • Aged Collections
  • Finance Charge Detail
  • Finance Charge Summary
  • Invoice Detail
  • Invoice Summary
  • Payment Detail
  • Payment Summary
  • Tax Due (Invoices)
  • Tax Due (Payments)

Most of these reports can be filtered by revenue type, revenue source, sales person, customer and/or station. Additionally, the majority of these reports are visible by sales people, where they can only see information related specifically to themselves.

Is there more? Absolutely!

All of these reports now leverage a new engine that we've put together so you can preview the reports without locking you out of the rest of the system. Additionally, you can now customize some of the presentation of the report, export them to several different formats including PDF and Excel, email a report directly from the preview dialog, zoom, search, etc.

We are still in the process of rolling out these reports to Copper+ customers followed by Basic customers, however, the enhancements to reports provided through MyViews technology will not be available to Basic customers. Combining MyViews and the new reports provides endless posibilities for customization of reports.

In addition to these reports, you can print any of the administration lists as well as several other lists throughout the system. Again, combined with MyViews technology, you have even more posibilities for reporting.

Calendar/Broadcast projections, makes no difference. (Copper+)

We've been hard at work improving the overall performance related to calculating projections (order confirmations, a/r window statement/projections tab, revenue projections report). What used to take up to five minutes is now down to a few seconds. In the process, we've enhanced the numbers so they are now calculated based on the order billing cycle. The effects of this are visible on order confirmations and the a/r window for all customers and the new revenue projections report utilizes this new mechanism as well.

Streamlined Copy Management (Copper+)

You can now manage all copy for all customers from a single window. Add and edit copy for all customers without bouncing around from screen to screen. You can access this window from the Administration icon and look for the Copy icon.

Enhanced Invoice Editing (Copper+)

You no longer need to double click on every line item to make changes to an non-finalized invoice. You can now edit directly in the MyViews enabled invoice item list. Just click on the column (or press F2), make changes, arrow key to another row and continue to make changes. Additionally, you can add/remove lines from invoices by using the right click context menu (group administrators only). To edit an invoice that has been finalized, you will need to reverse the invoice using the invoice context menu from the A/R window.

August 18, 2009

Enhanced Copy

We've added several new feature to the copy management area. You can now configure (in the admin window) a list of voices and use these in copy to attempt to separate copy by voice. We've also added the ability for you to specify a start and end time for fill spots so you can configure a particular piece of copy to run only during overnight hours (as an example). In addition to these, you can place a piece of copy on hold, add notes (that will not be printed during invoicing), specify a co-op for, etc.

Coming Soon

We are working hard on a lot of new features that will be coming very soon (hopefully some of these will be before the end of the month) and we will start talking about them in the very near future as we target in on a release date.

August 3, 2009

Added "Remember me..." to the log on window.

When entering your user name and password, you can now choose to remember me. When doing this, it ties your RadioTraffic.com account to your Windows account and will automatically sign in whenever you launch RadioTraffic in the future. This only happens if you just exit the application. If you "log out", then the relationship is removed and you'll have to sign in next time you launch.

watch tutorial (HD)

Added invoice number to (continued) pages and scripts.

When printing invoices, the invoice number is now printed on every page.

Added "reporting" date entry fields for unapplied payments/adjustments.

When you have payments/adjustments that are unapplied, the reporting services will use these values for assigning the unapplied portion on reports that need this information.

July 20, 2009

Simplified Order Entry / Account Information

We've moved the selection of the account information ("income account") from the order line items; of which needed to be the same for every line to the order header. In the process, we've separated "income account" into "revenue source" (Local Direct, Local Agency, National Direct, etc.) and "revenue type" (Cash, Trade, etc.). If you are currently using reports that rely on income account, continue to specify income account (now optional) until these reports are replaced using revenue source and revenue type. We will be working quickly to provide replacements to these reports as soon as possible.

Simplified transactions.

We've enhanced the application of transactions to invoices. You can now click on the "apply" column to apply the remaining balance directly to the invoice; no typing necessary. Click, click and your done.

There's tons more on the horizon.

We've got some extremely cool new features coming very soon and have been working hard on the changes necessary to support these features. The order entry and transaction improvements are only the beginning...

June 12, 2009

Fill now follows the same rules as other spots.

The response to using automatic placement using the fill list has been incredible. We've listened to the feedback and have now extended the behavior of the items in the fill list to honor primary/secondary conflict and customer separation. This behavior also carries over in the drag/drop functionality as well.

June 9, 2009

Entering payments/adjustments just got a whole lot easier!

When entering payments/adjustments, you no longer need to specify the station and income account. The payments/adjustments will inherit the station/income account based on the application of the transaction to an invoice. Transactions currently not applied will be placed in the "None" station/income account for reporting purposes. Deposits have also been enhanced, removing the need to specify a station when creating a new deposits.

Helping you to build your templates faster.

We've enhanced the template editor by adding a time "ruler" so that it's easier to see what is being added on an hour by hour basis. Additionally, all elements are now color coded to assist in the identifying one one type versus another. We've also added the same feature included in the log editor regarding applying existing templates to an open template; where when applying them, items in the same segment as the template to be applied will be removed. The enter key now allows you to open and edit the selected item and the delete key will now remove the item making it easier to remove items quickly.

May 27, 2009

Fill that log.

You now have the ability to use the make good and/or fill lists to automatically place spots on the log. Additionally, you now have more options to bump spots from the log such as bump all spots, bump all fill spots, bump all make good spots, bump all the spots in a break and bump an individual spot.

Expired Orders enhanced.

We've expanded the expired orders report to show orders by the line and added the break type.

Preview invoices before finalizing.

As requested, we've added the ablity to view what an invoice will look without having to finalize and print/print preview. These invoices will contain a preview "stamp" so there is no confusion that they are not yet finalized.

Primary and secondary conflicts now conflict.

Based on feedback, we've modified how the primary and secondary conflicts (log automatic placement) work. Previously primary only conflicted with primary and secondary only conflicted with secondary; now they conflict across both primary and secondary.

April 8, 2009

This is a HUGE update!

A new face!

As you will notice, some of the icons have changed to better reflect the overall intention of the task at hand.

The dashboard has had a few major enhancements as well. At first glance, you might not notice too much; however, underneath there are major changes. If you like to run the application full screen, the charts will now be more proportionate. If you are a person with multiple roles, you can now access other available charts and graphs. To do this, right click on any chart/graph and, using the context menu to select any available chart/graph.

For traffic managers, we've added the Invoice Completion graph. The New Order Revenue chart has been enhanced so that you can click on any of the displayed weeks to bring up a mini-report containing the related details. Please, as always, feel free to let us know what you think.

Make good on your Make Goods!!!!

We've had the process in place for some time that enables you to view and finalize spots that did not air. This process required that you reschedule (extend the order or create a new order) to make good on these spots if you didn't want to just outright cancel them. Good news!!! You can now just drag these spots onto any future log (as well as decide to cancel them). All of this can be done from the log editor.

Include Sales and Sales Managers in the EmailMyTimes loop!

We've removed the BCC send of the EmailMyTimes customer emails to the associated sales people and have added an overall summary of the emails that have been sent. Additionally, this summary email will include all related spot times, even those customers that are not participating in EmailMyTimes. The sales managers now receive the entire list (all customers / all sales people). To enable, you just need to add an email address to the sales people and sales managers.

Bring the production department in on the loop!

Whenever you create or modify a piece of copy, you can now configure the system to send an email detailing what needs to be done directly to everyone in the production department. All you need to do to enable this is setup your production accounts with associated emails and your done. Next time you add/update a piece of copy, they'll get an email!

Helping you to get log reconcilation done more quickly!

In an effort to reduce the amount of work regarding log reconcilation, we are working hard to put together "automatic reconcilation". For those using SS32, you've already had something similar to this; however, you are getting a boost as well. In the station configuration, be sure to specify your aired log path. Once this is done, whenever you begin reconcilation, the aired log will automatically be loaded with no additional work on your part. We've added AudioVault AV-AIR and Enco Streamline. Your automation system not on this list, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Spots Per Week order entry change.

Based on feedback, we are no longer "front loading" the left over spots per week. We are now doing a "best effort" to distribute the left overs across the available days.

Curious as to what new orders were added today?

You can now view a New Orders list that details what orders have been added between the defined date ranges (defaulting to today).

Yes, there really are a lot of new icons in Administration.

You've had the ability to manipulate many of the lookup lists throughout the system. These edits took place where you needed them the most, wherever you currently were editing information. In order to provide more flexibility, you can now edit all of these lists from the Administration module. All of these "editors" have been significantly enhanced to better assist you in getting your group/station(s) configured the way you want them. Additionally, you can print any of these lists.

March 13, 2009

Dashboard Update

We've made a few changes to the dashboard to better reflect information so that it more specifically relates to the role of the logged in user. We are actively looking at improving this, so if you have anything you'd like to see displayed in a chart/pie format please let us know.

Include sales people in EmailMyTimes and EmailMyInvoice conversation.

We've improved the EmailMyTimes and EmailMyInvoice features so that, if configured appropriately, that the related sales person will be blind carbon copied on any emails being sent to customers. All you have to do to set this up is make sure that your sales people have an email address configured. Additionally, the EmailMyTimes template now supports the <firstname> and <lastname> tokens that will try to break the contact name into its individual parts.

March 10, 2009

Build a stronger relationship with your customers by using EmailMyTimes.

Based on customer feedback, we've significantly enhanced the EmailMyTimes feature to support additional tags and the ability for the emails to appear to come directly from the sales representative responsible for the customer; helping you to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Deliver your invoices through EDI (Electronic Delivery of Invoices).

We've added initial support for EDI Invoice File - Open Standard for Broadcasters based on specifications provided by Donovan Data Systems, Inc. Please feel free to try this and let us know any and all results. If you discover any issues, please let us know and we will work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Enhanced invoice printing based on your feedback!

We've modified many aspects of invoice printing:

  • Added Certified text option (in addition to Notary).
  • CoOp defines whether or not scripts are printed.
  • We no longer duplicate CoOp invoices.
  • Enhanced scripts to include a header containing station return address, advertiser name, script name and length. We've also added a Station Documentation Statement section that provides some additional details regarding the scripts execution.

February 25, 2009

Stay in touch with your customers using EmailMyInvoice.

We've enhanced the delivery of invoices via email (EmailMyInvoice) to allow you to control what is included the email via templates that you create in the administration->stations module. In addition to the automatic invoicing during invoice finalization (if configured), you can now send the invoice via email using the context menu inside of the accounts receivable module.

February 24, 2009

I'm a sales person.

We've enhanced the application to better align the available tasks specifically for a sales person. When you log in as a sales person, the dashboard will now display your personal statistics and you have the ability to see your customers/orders. You can also add new customers and orders. We've also added the ability to view reports; of which, at the time of this writing, is the avails report.

February 23, 2009

What is your job description?

We have enhanced the user editor to now define various roles on a station by station basis. We are still in the process of defining exactly what each of these roles consists of and welcome any feedback that you'd like to provide.

Want to fill some breaks before others?

Based on customer feedback, we've added the ability to specify prioritized breaks on the format. You can also define these on the templates to save you some additional work when using template based format editing.

Do you use the log editor on a daily basis?

The log editor has had several enhancements:

  • Automatically loads tomorrow's log.
  • Next and previous log navigation buttons added to toolbar.
  • Ability to bump all spots and automatic placement of spots buttons added to toolbar.
  • During reconciliation, write on spots has been enhanced to prompt for copy assignment as part of the same process.
  • Can now view order details using context menu or double clicking anywhere you see an order (spot).
  • Can now view copy details from the Fill spot list.
  • Added real-time invalid copy summary as an additional tab (Invalid Copy), thus removing the need to manually run the Missing Copy Summary menu item.
  • Added count of items to all the lower tabs.
  • Added station level configuration for log export.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of clicks it takes to save, lock and export logs. If station log path and automation system are configured in the administration->stations module, locking the log will save, lock and export automatically.
  • Add ability to bump a spot using context menu and the delete key.
  • Added ability to insert a write on spot (during reconciliation) using the insert key.
  • Removed the "undoable" prompt when saving a log.