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Automation System: Music1 (OTS)

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Music1 (OTS)


WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.



RadioTraffic.com converts to a specific Music1 log format so that it can be ultimately utilized for OTS.


Station Configuration

To configure RadioTraffic.com to work with Music1/OTS, you will first need modify the station configuration to utilize Music1/OTS as the automation system. In the administration module, open 'Stations'. Select the station you want to configure and double click. Once the station configuration is visible, select the 'Files' tab. Select the 'Product' to Music1/OTS using the drop down selection tool. The 'Automation Log Path' is where RadioTraffic.com will export the log to, so set this to the file system folder that Music1 will pull the file from.


Cart Numbers

The OTS system doesn't really utilize cart numbers as radio normally does. However, for best results, you should utilize a cart number naming scheme in the filenames that OTS will use. The filenames should start with this filename, followed by a delimiter and whatever other information you'd like to include. RT is designed to work with six digit numeric only cart numbers when using OTS. Technically, you could use whatever you'd like for cart numbers; the six digit numeric only requirement is specifically related to the automatic reconciliation process. If you are not going to do automatic reconcilation, you can safely ignore this requirement.


Automation Commands

Automation commands are currently not exported.


Log Notes

Log Notes are currently not exported.



Programs are currently not exported.



Avails are currently not exported.


Log Reconciliation

The file name that the automatic reconcilation process will look for is YYYY-MM-DD-playlog.txt where YYYY is the year, MM the month and DD the day of the currently loaded log. This file will be expected to be in the path defined in the Station configuration.

As described in the cart number section, in order for automatic reconcilation to work, the reconcilation file should look something like:

Date Time FileName

06-May-2011 00:10:40 100002 - other information

You will need to configure OTS to write each line in this format with specific regard to scheduled events.

RT will ignore any lines that are not numeric for the cart number portion of the filename column (first 6 characters followed by a space).



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