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FAQ - Troubleshooting

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FAQ - Troubleshooting



Why am I getting a message that someone else is editing one of my logs?

RadioTraffic allows only one user at a time to edit a log to avoid confusion. If you try to open a log and see a message that someone else is editing your log, have that person complete their task and exit the log before you try to open it again. If you still see the error message, contact your administrator who can force a user out of a log. Note: Forcing a user out of a log will lose any changes that user made.


I'm presented a message regarding problem(s) with the 'Arial' font.

The most likely scenario is that you uninstalled an application that incorrectly removed the default Arial font that was installed as part of the Windows installation. Click here for troubleshooting information.


Why don't I see the module I need?

You may need to make sure you have the proper roles assigned for each user. In the Settings module, navigate to Users, and double click the user's name. Under the Member Of/Role tab, check the boxes next to the roles necessary for the user.

For help determining what roles to assign to your users, see User.


RadioTraffic won't run on my PC any more. What's up?

Some unrelated processes, such as using some uninstallation mechanisms or having viruses, will corrupt the installation cache on a computer. When this happens, some applications such as RadioTraffic may not be able to successfully launch or update. To troubleshoot this on your machine, first clear the installation cache, which frequently corrects the problem. This cache is located at:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Apps

The simplest way to clear the installation cache is to:

  • Press WINDOWS+R to bring up the Windows Run window.
  • In the Open text box, type: rundll32 dfshim CleanOnlineAppCache
  • Press OK.

Remove this folder, restart your computer (optional) and try launching RadioTraffic from your start menu or from the web link. If this does't work, please contact a computer professional regarding possible virus removal.


What is a timeout exception, and why am I getting an error message about it?

RadioTraffic has a Command Timeout setting, which controls how long requests to the database server will wait for an answer. The default setting is 15 seconds. When a process takes longer than that, you will see an error message.

If you are getting this message frequently, contact your network administrator about your station's firewall settings.


It doesn't appear I can connect to the server, what port(s) are used to communication?

Currently we use ports 80 and 2433. Please ensure that these ports are accessible for *.traf.com and *.traf.net.


Does the software work with web proxy servers?

It's difficult to say we work with all proxy servers; however, we have tested it against some. Testing has shown that it will work as long as you can turn off any caching for http://www.traf.com. Caching will cause issues with information being out of date and it is essential that you have the most recent "page" available from the website/web services.


Does the software work with the font scaling?

We do not consistently test software changes with any font scaling in place; we test using the default configuration (96 DPI or 100% scale). As such, we recommend using the software at this setting.

However, if you need to scale the fonts; we recommend enabling the "Use Windows XP style DPI scaling" option available on the "Custom DPI Setting" dialog that can be reached by right-clicking on the Windows desktop, choosing the Screen Resolution option, on the window that is displayed, toward the bottom, you click on the "Make text and other items larger or smaller" and then on the "Set custom text size (DPI)" link in the left hand side of the screen. You can also get to the link by navigating through the control panel under Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Make text and other items larger or smaller.

Making these changes requires that you log out and back into Windows; so save your changes beforehand.


Radio Traffic will occasionally time out. What can I do?

This can be caused by the Power Management settings on the network card. There is an automated fix from Microsoft for this located at the following web page.