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Troubleshooting 'Arial' font issues.

There are two problems we've seen regarding the 'Arial' font.

  • The 'Arial' font has been removed from your system due to another application being uninstalled. The vendor of the product that you uninstalled has problems with their install/uninstall and has incorrectly installed/uninstalled the 'Arial' font.

  • The 'Arial' font on your system is not the one that was included as part of the original Microsoft Windows update.

Note - Our software does not install any fonts and as we take care to only use fonts that are included as part of the original installation of Microsoft Windows; as we do everything we can do do protect the integrity of your computer.

In either case, you can view the installed fonts on your system by clicking on the start menu (lower left hand corner of your screen) > Control Panel > Fonts.

You can either replace the font using a copy from your original Microsoft Windows installation disc, copy it from another working computer or by downloading it from the below list (be sure to select the appropriate edition of Microsoft Windows).

(As of the time of this writing, it appears that Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista are not affected by this problem as the originally installed Arial font that came with these editions of Microsoft Windows are protected by Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista system file protection. So if they font has been deleted/replaced, Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows Vista will automatically repair the font.)