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Automation System: Techno Creation StationPlaylist

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Techno Creation StationPlaylist


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RadioTraffic converts to a specific StationPlaylist log format.


Station Configuration

To configure RadioTraffic to work with StationPlaylist, you will first need modify the station configuration to utilize StationPlaylist as the automation system. In the Settings, open Stations. Select the Station you want to configure and double click. Once the Station configuration window is visible, select the 'Files' tab. Select the 'Product' to "Techno Creation StationPlaylist" using the drop down selection tool. The 'Automation Log Path' is where RadioTraffic will export the Log to, so set this to the file system folder that StationPlaylist will pull the file from. The filename exported will match the MMDDYY.LOG pattern; where MM is month, DD is day and YY is the year.


Cart Numbers

StationPlaylist system is capable of working in "normal" mode with up to 8 alpha/numeric character cart numbers. This is the recommended mode of operation.

StationPlaylist can also utilize an "alternate" mode (with regards to radio) mode where the "cart number" is the actual filename. If using this mode, the filename must include a three character extension. We do not recommend this mode as it will not print correctly on many documents available in RadioTraffic.


Automation Commands

RadioTraffic exports the cart number portion of automation commands.


Log Notes

Due to limitations in StationPlaylist, log notes do not export.



Due to limitations in StationPlaylist, log notes do not export.



Avails are only used in RadioTraffic as a means of scheduling; they are not utilized in any way with regards to StationPlaylist.


Log Reconciliation

We also support automatic log reconciliation for the StationPlaylist as-aired logs. To configure this feature, you need to determine where these files are located on your network and use that path to configure the "Aired Log Path".

The filename should match the SSpot-YYMMDD.csv pattern where YY is the year, MM is the month and DD is the day.

This file should contain 10 columns:

1. ?
2. Time
3. ?
4. Status; we require that it is a "5".
5. ?
6. Description
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?
10. Cart number



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