FAQ - Settings





How do I add address and other station information?

In the stations module after choosing your station enter station slogan, calls and web address under the GENERAL tab and station address, phone number and logo under the ADDRESS tab.


How do I customized my statements with my group or station's logo?

To put the logo on your Statements, click the Settings module on the dashboard, and navigate to Groups > Address then click on the file finder button next to the word Logo. Select your logo from your files.

To put your logo on your Invoice, click Stations from the Settings window and click Address. Select the station, and follow the same steps.


What permissions to the various roles have?

Note: More than one role can be active at any given time for each Station. Users can have a different set of roles on a per-Station basis.


How can I backup my individual settings?

The local settings (including layouts) are stored in your local user account on the local computer in the AppData folder. For example, on Windows 8.1 this folder looks something like C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\RadioTraffic.com\Client45.


What are the boxes on my dashboard when I log into RadioTraffic?

The semi-interactive text boxes on the main dashboard are your to-do items. Clickable text will take you directly to the task.


How do I add a new user?

Open the Settings module and choose Users. Click the NEW button and fill in your information. Click Apply.


How do I delete a user?

Because RadioTraffic also handles your billing and accounting, you currently can not delete a staff member who has edited, entered or approved any portion of your data.

If you want to bar a user from accessing the system, open the Settings module and click Users. Choose the user whose access you wish to block, and check Trashed. The user will no longer be able to access the system.


How do I change the sales person on accounts?

The process for changing accounts to a different sales rep is done on the customer level. From your RT dashboard, open Settings > Customers and open the appropriate Customer. Click the Scheduling tab and in the Owner drop-down, select the new sales person. Click Apply to make the change, and then click OK to exit the Customer.

Once you have assigned the customer to a new sales person, all reports will reflect that sales person as being the Owner. Be sure to use the Owner column on all reports. Edit

How do I set my automation system?

Open the Settings module and navigate to Stations and click on the appropriate station. Click on the Files tab and select your automation systems from the drop down menu. If your automation system is not listed, please call Radio Traffic support at (214) 7361166.