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Invoice Signature and Notary Stamps

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Invoice Signature and Virtual Notary Stamps

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Uploading signatures and notary stamps incur a one-time setup fee associated with preparing the images and initially configuring the system to support the images (invoice templates). This cost is $100.00 (USD) per unique image.

For a single station that wants to have a notary seal, notary signature and affidavit signature, that is three unique images and would cost $100.00 (USD) per unique image for a total of $300.00 (USD). If there are multiple stations and all of these stations use the same images, the cost is the same as if there was a single station. If, however, each station has unique images, the cost will increase due to the fact that there are different images.

Note: Any time these images need to be modified/replaced, there is an associated $100.00 per unique image setup fee.


  • Need an example of an invoice you have already done that shows the exact placement of the signatures and notary as you are normally doing them; this will reduce the amount of time that is involved as everyone can be “on the same page”. (It should go without saying, however, an example of one of the Invoices available in our software, not from a previous product that you used to use.)
  • Need the signatures (notary and affidavit) to be on a blank piece of paper using something thicker than a bic pen such as felt or fine sharpee. The signatures also need to be horizontal following along a line (along an imaginary line; you can put a blank piece of paper over a real invoice and sign it as if the line was there) so that it best fits when applied to the invoices.
  • The notary seal needs to be on a blank piece of paper and it will, should go without saying, not be embossed. Make sure it is as clear and crisp as possible.
  • We can and do support color; however, black and white usually works best.
  • Save the images using a lossless file format such as PNG, PhotoShop, etc. Saving using JPG file will introduce what are called artifacts due to the lossy compression that is utilized.
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks for signatures and notary stamps to be processed and uploaded and plan accordingly for your billing schedule.

Once we receive these images, we can work to turn them into virtual "stamps" that will be automatically applied to invoices that require them.