Invoice Signature and Notary Stamps


Invoice Signature and Virtual Notary Stamps

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Uploading signatures and notary stamps incur a one-time setup fee associated with preparing the images and initially configuring the system to support the images (invoice templates). This cost is $100.00 (USD) per unique image.

For a single station that wants to have a notary seal, notary signature and affidavit signature, that is three unique images and would cost $100.00 (USD) per unique image for a total of $300.00 (USD). If there are multiple stations and all of these stations use the same images, the cost is the same as if there was a single station. If, however, each station has unique images, the cost will increase due to the fact that there are different images.

Note: Any time these images need to be modified/replaced, there is an associated $100.00 per unique image setup fee.


Once we receive these images, we can work to turn them into virtual "stamps" that will be automatically applied to invoices that require them.