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Automation System: Rivendell

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WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.



RadioTraffic.com converts to an Rivendell log format.


Station Configuration

To configure RadioTraffic.com to work with Rivendell, you will first need modify the station configuration to utilize Rivendell as the automation system. In the administration module, open 'Stations'. Select the station you want to configure and double click. Once the station configuration is visible, select the 'Files' tab. Select the 'Product' Rivendell using the drop down selection tool. The 'Automation Log Path' is where Rivendell will export the log to, so set this to the file system folder that Rivendell will pull the file from. The log filename will be IDYYYYMMDD.tfc; where ID is the Station Identifier, YYYY is the 4 digit year, MM is the 2 digit month and DD is the 2 digit day.


Cart Numbers

Rivendell systems use 6 digit numeric cart numbers.


Automation Commands

To configure an automation command open the Administration module and double click the Templates. Select the station you want to add the command. At the top of the Template window select Log Elements - Automation Commands. You will get a list of existing commands or a blank window. Clicking "New" at the bottom will bring up the Automation Command window. For description put in something that you will recognize such as "Antenna Lights". Command will be what is actually happening, to continue with the example you can put in "Switcher 1 Output Closure 2". The final field is the Cart #. This is where you would put what the Rivendell system needs to see to send the command, to complete the example "123456". These are generic examples and depend on the configuration of the individual Rivendell system.


Log Notes

Log Notes are currently not exported.



Programs are currently not exported.



Avail markers do not automatically export to the Rivendell export and are used strictly inside of RadioTraffic.com as a means of scheduling.


Log Reconciliation

We fully support automatic log reconciliation for the Rivendell aired logs. To configure this feature, you need to determine where these files are located on your network and use that path to configure the "Aired Log Path". The filename must be IDYYYYMMDD.elr; where ID is the Station Identifier, YYYY is the 4 digit year, MM is the 2 digit month and DD is the 2 digit day.



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Additional Information

The following is the only information that we've received regarding Rivendell:

Log Format
18Event start time in broken-down format -i.e. 'HH:MM:SS'
1015Rivendell cart number, numeric, six digits max, right padded with spaces
2634Cart title, right padded with spaces
618Event length in broken-down format -i.e. 'HH:MM:SS'
7032Event GUID. This value will be returned in the reconciliation report.

Reconciliation Format
18Scheduled event start time in broken-down format -i.e. 'HH:MM:SS'
108Actual event start time in broken-down format – 'HH:MM:SS'
198Scheduled event length in broken-down format –i.e. 'HH:MM:SS'
288Actual event playout length in broken-down format –i.e. 'HH:MM:SS'
376Rivendell cart number, numeric, left padded with zeros
4434Cart title, right padded with spaces
7932Event GUID, as provided by RadioTraffic. If manually inserted, this field will be blank.