RadioTraffic provides two types of statements. The default statement type is Balance Forward. The other is an Open Item statement. If you don’t need statements in addition to invoices, you have the option to select None. If you do need statements, we recommend that you use Balance Forward.

This option is set for each customer. Navigate to the Customer window and select the Billing tab. The drop-down selection for Statements is on the right.

Customer window Edit

Balance Forward*

This statement lists transactions falling within the most recent complete billing cycle, plus any additional transactions based on the date you choose. Transactions that occurred prior to the From date of the statement period are summarized in one line item.



Open Item

This statement lists all transactions that are open, meaning those with unpaid charges or unapplied payments or credits as of the statement date. This statement always includes the most recent complete billing cycle, plus any transactions or unpaid charges within the selected date.

RadioTraffic will include every invoice associated with a payment made in the most recent billing cycle on the open item statement. Also included on this statement will be any additional payments made on those statements.

Because these statements include a so many details and historical information, using this statement is recommended for only those situations when a customer requires a detailed account of outstanding invoices, such as a slow paying client. Using Balance Forward statements for all customers will result in very slow billing processes because of the vast amount of data RadioTraffic processes.

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