I get a message stating "Application cannot be started. Contact the application vendor."


NOTE: First thing to look at is whether or not you are using Chrome (for example) and the security settings of Chrome preventing you from launching the setup.exe from within Chrome. You can either find the file using Windows Explorer and try launching it from there or utilize Microsoft Edge (or Microsoft Explorer) to start the installation.

This is something that isn't specific (most likely) to the product purchased from More likely that it is related to something specific about your machine configuration, products installed, Microsoft Windows settings, network settings, anti-virus software, etc. that is causing the issue and it is nearly impossible for us to diagnose every possible configuration that could exist. However, we have encountered this a time or two and this is a solution that seems to remedy the issue in every circumstance.

CS - We utilize two different methods to clear the Windows application cache as we've encountered a small number of circumstances where utilizing just the official tool didn't seem to completely do the trick. It is entirely possible to skip the manual file deletion step; however, we've included it for completeness. If you'd like to save yourself a step, give it a shot. If you encounter that you are one of these small number of situations where it must be done, the instructions are available.

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Microsoft .NET (Windows 7)

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