Automation System: Digital Jukebox


DJB Radio


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RadioTraffic converts to a specific DJB Radio log format.


Station Configuration

To configure RadioTraffic to work with DJB Radio (also known as Digital Jukebox), you will first need modify the station configuration to utilize DJB Radio as the automation system. In the administration module, open 'Stations'. Select the station you want to configure and double click. Once the station configuration is visible, select the 'Files' tab. Select the 'Product' to DJB Radio using the drop down selection tool. The 'Automation Log Path' is where RadioTraffic will export the log to, so set this to the file system folder that DJB Radio will pull the file from.


Cart Numbers

DJB Radio system can use cart number from 00001 to 31000.


Automation Commands

RadioTraffic exports the cart number portion of automation commands.


Log Notes

Log Notes are currently not supported.



Programs are currently not supported.



According to the documentation provided to us, DJB Radio only allows for ten (10) "stop sets" (breaks) each hour.

DJB Radio appears to have special support for four (4) breaks per hour where if the break is empty; the "stop set" can be excluded or the cart number can be set to 00000. This part of the documentation (see below for actual DJB Radio documentation) seems a bit confusing; so please consult with DJB Radio for additional details.

Although there appears to be a limit of ten "stop sets" per hour, RT will export each avail as a seperate "stop set" up to 99 for each hour (hours are numbered 00-23). In other words, it is up to the operator to not exceed what DJB Radio will support.


Log Reconciliation

RadioTraffic supports automatic log reconciliation for DJB Radio.

The file expected is a "fixed width" line with a CRLF at the end of each line. Each line contains at least seven "columns". The columns known are:

SPECIAL NOTE: Older version(s) of DJB Radio do not have any capability to produce a file necessary the support this feature. If you have such a version, please contact DJB Radio for an update.



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Additional Information

For additional documentation concerning working with playlists files in the Digital Jukebox system, please refer to the Digital Jukebox documentation on the subject: