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This window is accessed from Settings. To create a TAP schedule, you must first have a 24-hour clock set up. Navigate to Settings > Clocks > New.


Using Plans

Plans, or Total Audience Plan (TAP), are usually a rotating schedule that places announcements in a pattern that utilize all station dayparts for maximum station audience exposure. Actual plans vary from station to station. A TAP schedule may be custom-designed for any repetitive pattern desired. For example, you may have a TAP schedule for 6a-12a; 6a-7p; 12a-12a, or even 10a-2p, etc.

From the Settings window, navigate to Plans > New.

1. Name your Plan


3. Select the appropriate station

4. Click the ADD… button at the bottom

5. Select the name of the first daypart that will be in this plan and the time range of this daypart


6. Click OK and continue to add any other dayparts that will be part of this plan

Once you have created your TAP schedule(s), go to the PLANS icon in Administration and click the NEW button at the bottom.

1. Enter the name of the TAP schedule you used when setting it up under Clocks

2. Enter the appropriate station

3. From the pull down box, select your TAP schedule and attach it to each that is appropriate


Once completed, these will now be available in your drop down box during order entry.

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