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An Order can be memorized and reused to create a new Order and to support package billing. RadioTraffic supports package billing for daily, weekly, monthly, and single billing.


Create an Order to Duplicate

Navigate to Contracts > New > Off-Air Revenue.

Select the station, start and end date, and the rate of the package sold. To back-date the package, select the start date and then navigate to Options > Override start date.

Select the billing frequency. The weekly billing option allows you to select which day of the week you would like the bills to be generated.

Then, in the contract you can add the spots as you normally would, leaving the rate blank. The contract will show two line items -- one is the package billing rate with no spots on it, the other contains spots with no rate attached. When you’re done adding spots, navigate to Tools > Approve. (Or click OK to exit the contract details, and then right click > Approve.)


Create the Billing Package

Right click on the order you just created and approved, and select Create Package. Name the package and click OK.


Apply Package Billing

Navigate to Contracts > select customer > right click under Contracts > New from Package.


Select the package. The start date will default to the date originally chosen in the package, but you can select a different start date. If you select a new start date, RadioTraffic will display a notification window: Removed X line item(s) made invalid because of new start date.

When the contract details open, create a new line item to schedule the spots. The billing details will already be applied to the contract.


Duplicating Orders

To duplicate orders, right click on an approved order and select Create from Package. Name the package, and then go to the new customer. Right click in the Contracts side of the screen and select New From Package. Select the package name, It will give you the date to choose from the original package, if you change the date the entire order will shift, so try and use the default dates. it will not copy over the rotation plans/copy.


Select a Package

To create an Order using a package as a template, just select an existing package from the list.


Start Date

The original Order that was utilized to create this package would have started on a particular date. The package remembers this date, however, you will most likely select a new date for the overall order to begin. By specifying the new start date, the entire Order template will be adjusted accordingly.