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Bonus Spots

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Bonus Spots

WORK IN PROGRESS - Please understand that we are actively rewriting much of our documentation and this page is currently "under construction"; if there's anything that you'd like to see added to and/or expanded upon, please let us know by sending us a smile.



Many of our clients leverage the MUSTFILL (Essentials/Premier) or "the fill list" (EXP) to "schedule" bonus material in a very ad-hoc (ie. random) manner. Although this can work depending on your needs; it is not our recommended method for dealing with "bonus".

If you desire to have more control over the placement of this bonus material, you’ll create additional contracts (or add additional lines to existing contracts) at $0 to generate the spots that can be used.



The first thing you'll need to do is determine the overall number of spots you’ll think you’ll need so that the material is available in the bump list and/or make good list.

TODO Need to walk through the lifetime of these spots.

Periodically, these extra (“bonus”) spots will need to be cleaned up and the “bonus” contracts might need to be adjusted based on actual need.


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