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EZ-NET Configuration

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EZ-NET Configuration

The EZ-NET Configuration window contains all of the access details for each of the networks and Stations. This window is accessed from the EZ-NET window.


This window is only used when you are beginning to use the EZ-NET or, as the case might be, that you add an additional NetworkShow to an existing or new network. To access this, use the “Tools” menu and select the “Options” entry from the EZ-NET window.


Main Menu

  • File
    • Close
      Closes the window.
  • Tools
    • Full Rescan
      For scenarios where an existing configured network adds a new NetworkShow, you can use this tool to re-evaluate the networks for any added (or renamed) shows. New shows found will be automatically added to the NetworkShow list on the EZ-NET window.


Main Body

This window contains an “Excel” style list that contains all of the Stations that are enabled for EZ-NET grouped into all of the currently supported networks. On each Station line, the associated logon credentials for each of these. To configure a network/Station combination, enter the logon credentials.

Upon entering the information, we will validate the information in the background and automatically determine the available NetworkShows to populate the NetworkShow list on the main EZ-NET screen.

During this validation process, the line will be highlighted in yellow.


If the validation fails, the line will be highlighted in red. Image

During the validation processing, the OK/Cancel buttons are disabled. If validation fails, the OK/Cancel buttons will continue to be disabled until any problems are corrected. If the credentials are invalid and cannot be corrected, remove them to clear the problem.

Once finished, press the OK button.

Upon doing so, you'll see any new shows added to the EZ-NET NetworkShow list.


Supported Networks

The list of supported networks is growing all the time; here are some of them:


Non-supported Networks

The list of non-supported networks is unfortunate, but a reality due to decisions made by the respective networks beyond the control and/or influence of RadioTraffic.

  • Skyview Networks
    Unsupported due to their active refusal to allow usage of Microsoft Internet Explorer. (Status as of 1/27/2015.)
  • MLC Spanish Radio Services
    Unsupported due to their data being blocked behind an downloadable executable; not web browser based. (Status as of 6/12/2015.)
  • ESPN
    We previously had support for ESPN; however, they've completely changed their approach and we are currently investigating whether or not it will be possible to support them in the future. (Status as of 9/23/2015.)