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EDI (Technical Details)

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EDI (Technical Details)



Support Notes

When setting up this add-on, the following items should be reviewed:

  • The call letters must be in the CCCC-BB format where CCCC is the calls (KXYZ) and BB is the band (AM, FM). The critical portion is the dash (-) character as this is used to split the call letters into the necessary separate pieces required by the EDI document specification. If the call letters is longer than this format, that is OK as the export just looks for the 4 letter calls, a dash and the following 2 letters... anything after that is ignored. Meaning that KXYZ-AM/FM would be seen as KXYZ for the calls and AM would be seen as the band. The slash FM is completely ignored.


Translation Details

As of the time of this writing, we currently support the following fields:


  • Sales Person Name -> SALESPERSON (optional)
  • Customer Name -> ADVERTISER NAME (required)
  • Product -> PRODUCT NAME (required)
  • Invoice End Date -> INVOICE DATE (required)
  • Est/Adv/Prod Code (special) -> When an agency with an EDI number is attached to a contract, three fields are provided for AGENCY ESTIMATE NUMBER, AGENCY ADVERTISER CODE and AGENCY PRODUCT CODE (optional); in most cases, all three fields are required. Check with your clearing house provider for further details.
  • Invoice Number -> INVOICE NUMBER (required)
  • Invoice End Date YY and MM -> BROADCAST MONTH (required)
  • Order Tax Percent -> SALES TAX PERCENT (optional)
  • Purchase Order Number (special) -> REP ORDER NUMBER and STATION ORDER NUMBER (optional). Note that this can be two different numbers combined into the purchase order field by separating the two numbers with the pipe (|) symbol. If using the pipe symbol, the first number is the rep order number and the second number is the station order number; otherwise, without the pipe symbol, the number entered will be used for both rep order number and station order number.
  • Invoice Start Date -> INVOICE PERIOD START DATE (optional) formatted as YYMMDD.
  • Invoice End Date -> INVOICE PERIOD END DATE (optional) formatted as YYMMDD.


  • Order Item Line Number -> LINE NUMBER (optional)
  • Order Item Days Of Week formatted as MTWTFSS -> DAYS OF WEEK (optional)
  • Order Item Start Time formatted as HHMM -> START TIME (optional)
  • Order Item End Time formatted as HHMM -> END TIME (optional)
  • Order Item Rate -> RATE PER SPOT (optional)
  • Invoice Spot Count -> NUMBER OF SPOTS SCHEDULED FOR THIS INVOICE (optional)
  • Order Item Start Date formatted as YYMMDD -> LINE START DATE (optional)
  • Order Item End Date formatted as YYMMDD -> LINE END DATE (optional)
  • Order Item Comment -> PACKAGE CODE (optional)


  • "Y" = RUN CODE (required)
  • Spot Aired Date formatted AS YYMMDD = RUN DATE (required)
  • Spot Aired Day of Week = DAY OF WEEK (required)
  • Spot Aired Time formatted as HHMM = TIME OF DAY (required)
  • Spot Length = TYPE (SPOT LENGTH) (required)
  • Copy Ad-ID = COPY ID (required)
  • Invoice Item Amount = RATE (required)

INVOICE TOTAL (Record Code 34)

  • Actual Gross Billing -> ACTUAL GROSS BILLING (required)
  • Agency Commission -> AGENCY COMMISSION (required)
  • Net -> NET DUE (required)
  • Tax -> STATE TAX (optional)
  • Number Of Spots -> NUMBER OF SPOTS (optional)

If Ad-ID is missing (not provided), "NOT AVAILABLE" will be used.



4A's (.edi renamed .txt)
4As exported from RT (and then zipped).



Donovan Data Systems, Inc. 4A May 2009
Harris SpotData 4A Oct 2008


Additional Information

See EDI.