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Every commercial you wish to schedule will need to be entered using the copy window.


Main Menu


  • File
    • Save
      Enabled whenever any changes have been made and commits the information to the database when executed.
    • Print
      Prints the highlighted piece of Copy.
    • Print Preview
      Print previews the highlighted piece of Copy.
    • Close
      Closes the window.


Notification Bar

This area of the window will display the current "in-use" status of the cart # entered for this piece of copy. Usually the same cart # is not used by multiple pieces of copy; however, there are circumstances where this may be the case (albeit much less often). This message will display whether or not the cart number is in use on other Customers.


Main Body

  • Customer
    If you add copy from the CopyList window, you will have a drop down menu that allows you to choose any Customer entered into the system. If entered from the Contract, the Customer will automatically be chosen for you and cannot be modified. See Customers.
  • Cart #
    The file number used by the audio cut in your AutomationSystem. This can be edited even if you have chosen to use automatic cart number assignment.
  • Name
    A name given to the spot so when you look at the spot list you can identify the copy.
  • Ad-ID
    The ad ID number or ISCI Code given by an Agency to the commercial.
  • Length
    Length of the commercial. This length is only internal for RadioTraffic. If the actual length of the audio in your AutomationSystem is different, your automation will play the full length of the audio without cutting it off if the RadioTraffic entry is a shorter length.
  • Start Date & End Date
    Run dates for the copy.
  • Station
    Choose to make the copy valid for All Station(s) or individual Station entries. See Stations.
  • Category (Optional)
    The on-air Category in use by your AutomationSystem (varies from vendor to vendor). Check your AutomationSystem manual to see if this is necessary. See Categories.
  • Status
    Whether the copy is eligible to currently run, saved but not currently running or trashed.
  • Voice (Optional)
    Air talent who produced the commercial. See Voices.
  • Usable by MUSTFILL. (Optional)
    See MustFill.
  • Script
    The text of the commercial copy. This will be printed as part of CoOp Invoices.
  • Notes
    Any internal notes.

The copy Name field will appear on printed invoices and can include any identifying information required by your customers.

The Ad-ID field is required by agencies and EDI Electronic Document Interchange Providers.


Additional Information

See Common UI Behaviors.

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